The Italian Wonder Pot

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The Italian Wonder Pot is a great name for this recipe, which combines all its ingredients in to a single pot, pops on the lid, and leaves all the ingredients to cook in their own juices until ready. This particular recipe is, as the recipe name suggests, an Italian dinner. It combines pasta and tomatoes, along with other ingredients to make a fine dinner your family will enjoy. The best thing about this recipe is that it can show you how you can make fabulous dishes using only one pot and not pre-cooking and adding things separately.

In this dish, even the pasta is put in to the pot uncooked. That may sound a bit strange, but enough juices are added to allow the pasta to cook while the rest of the ingredients simmer and come together. When the dish is ready, most of the liquid will have been absorbed, and you will have a complete dinner ready to serve. It is a great way to cook, especially when you do not want a big mess and lots of dishes to clean up at the end.

Part of the secret to this dish is to ensure that you do not keep lifting the pot to check on the dish. Relax, and be confident that it will cook just fine. Do check on the dish once to ensure that the whole thing is bubbling lightly and not burning. Then leave it alone. Once the time is up, open it up, and check that all is done, particularly the pasta. If it is not, put the lid back on and leave it for a few more minutes. Then serve and enjoy!

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