The Laziest and Best Way to Clean Your Lamps

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It would seem that some of the favorite articles that people love to read are about cleaning things in easy ways without chemicals! All that was old is new again. We read articles about cleaning dirty ovens and grimy things with simple solutions like baking soda, salt, lemon, vinegar, things that our grandmothers would have used.

Well, the cleaning tip today is for your lampshades. Lampshades get forgotten until all of a sudden one day you notice them. And what you see is dust! Often lots and lots of dust. The tip we are going to share is not using any of the above-mentioned products. In fact, you have to go out and buy this product. Many pet owners already have this product in a drawer or their car. Have you guess it yet? It is a lint roller. A lint roller retails for about $5.00, and you get quite a lot of sheets in it so you can do many lamp shades with it. It can get into all the places that the dust is sitting. It is super fast and easy, and this is not a job you will avoid now that you know this tip. While you are busy rolling the lamp shades, take a glance around and if you see some unwanted dust on some other fabric, you can just roll that up too!

For those that want to make their own roller, we are also providing a link to the Wiki How site. You could use any size of a cylinder from a toilet tissue roll to a shampoo bottle. Whatever you have handy.

You will just need to wrap some packing tape with the sticky side out onto the cylinder. Just run your homemade roller over whatever needs dusting.

Please visit the Wiki How website for photographs and other ideas on the hand made lint roller system.

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