The MOST adorable little tiny cabin for your back yard .. PREFAB and AFFORDABLE !

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Prefab tiny house designs are another of the options you have when it comes to small house living. Prefab designs minimize building waste because thee tiny house buildings are built indoors, and can be mass-produced which can help to eliminate a lot of building material waste. The waste reduction for building prefab designs also comes from the fact that they are built in the same place, so many of the building materials can go towards other prefab designs. Prefab designs also eliminate lengthy delays caused by poor weather conditions. One of the best benefits of prefabricated construction is that they take only a matter of months to be built, and some of the prefab homes can even be delivered within less than a week. Typically prefab designs cost less than the average sized house to build, but you will, however, want to be aware of hidden costs. The reason for this is that prefab home designs prices are usually quoted with just the cost of the primary design in mind, and often these fees do not include things such as the purchase of the land, levelling the ground, utility hookups, landscaping, driveways, garages, and more. You will want to keep these factors in mind if a prefabricated construction is something you are considering.

Whatever the reason you are considering small house living, tiny house building kits and prefab designs are two of the options that can help get you there. With the average price of a tiny house design being $23,000, this is far below the high cost you will pay for a standard sized home. Small house living will save you money, but it will also offer you a different lifestyle, less about the stuff you own, more about being outdoors, mobile and environmentally friendly.

Many homeowners need more space in their homes, but they may not be ready or willing to add on to their homes. That’s where prefab portable structures like these ones from Melwood Cabanas and Garden Rooms in Sydney, Australia come in. These prefab small houses are a very quick, practical and affordable way to build the additional building you need on your property. This is the perfect solution for anyone who needs an extra room on their property to use as a home office, a rental or a guest suite. Many people even use them for home gyms and studio spaces. All of the prefabricated construction of these small houses is done in Australia, and they offer a 10-year warranty covering all of the materials and their work. Typically, the setup of one of these small house designs will only take a day or so depending on the size which makes them a very attractive option for getting a building set up in a short time frame.

All of their prefab small house designs are waterproof just like a regular house, so you don’t have to worry about them losing heat in the colder months or getting too hot in the heat of summer. The great thing is, you can have your small house design created by the company, they will then do all of the prefabricated construction and then they will also deliver it to your property. The price range of these stylish prefab units starts at $9,900 for the Workshed Design No. 2036 and goes all the way up to $26,900 for the MOD Design No. 23 which is a small house design. The prefab kits can also be upgraded to cedar wood finishes for an extra fee, and additional items can also be added on. You can email Meldwood for more information and to get an estimate on the type of project you want to start.

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