The Most Incredible Veggie Burger

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If you have not had the chance before, now you can try the most incredible veggie burger recipe and see why more and more people are switching over to this great tasting food. There are many ways to make the most incredible veggie burger recipe, and you can start by following the instructions for this particular version of it. Once you get comfortable making patties with a combination of beans, veggies, and even nuts and seeds, you may make your own incredible veggie burger recipe. There are plenty of ways and things that you can include to make this a delicious lunch or even dinner burger recipe that you and the kids as well as the rest of the family will really enjoy eating and make repeat requests for it, often.

This recipe is super easy to make, as is. There are very few ingredients in this particular veggie burger recipe, and lots of latitude in terms of the seasonings and spicing. That latitude has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you get to choose whatever combination of seasonings and spices that you would like to mix in with the veggies that you have chosen. That is great, and can be a load of fun. The disadvantage of this option is that you really need to have a handle on the types of flavors and seasonings that will work with whatever it is that you are making. So this method, where you get to choose how you season and spice the food you are making, is not really a method for the new or upcoming baker or cook. It takes a seasoned cook to know how to blend spices and other seasonings to have a great result. But the up and coming cook can always watch and learn.

This veggie burger recipe offers plenty of ways to spice it up and make the whole thing more interesting. You can follow the tips and suggestions that the site, Strength & Sunshine, put forward for this recipe, or make up your own, if you have enough background and skill in this aspect of cooking. Either way, you can personalize and customize your results to meet the flavor favorites that you and the kids enjoy. For this recipe, the blogger and creator suggests using a combination of kale and carrots to add in to the base of the chick peas. This is a great combination of tastes. The chick peas are somewhat dry and rather plain tasting whereas the kale has big green flavor, which can sometimes have a slightly bitter edge to it. The carrots add softness and a touch of sweetness. So these tastes will work really well together.

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