The Mountaineer Series gives a whole new dimension to Modular Log Homes

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Modular log cabins and homes are a great option when it comes to building a log cabin. The Mountaineer series from My Cozy Cabins builds small log cabins and modular log homes with a variety of plans to choose from. This log cabin features a nice, steep roof which allows for a higher ceiling within and a beautiful large porch on the front to expand the living space outdoors. All of the plans from My Cozy Cabins are fully customizable, so you can have the log cabin of your dreams. The Mountaineer's standard features include the 6-foot deep porch on the front which is very much in Cape Cod style. Inside, the 8-foot ceilings create even more space inside, and there is also a second story to the cabin design which could be developed later on. Some customers put one or two extra bedrooms up there, while some just leave it open to use as storage space. You can also choose the Mountaineer Deluxe model which adds 18-foot ceilings in the great room as well as a loft above. This deluxe package also provides windows in the gables of the living room to allow in natural light as well as four large opening windows. There is also potential to build on more rooms in the space above as well. It still comes with the 6-foot deep front porch just like the standard model too.

If you order your log cabin from the company, you're looking at about 3 to 4 months to get your cabin from the time you sign the contract. They will work on creating your custom house plans and then build the cabin as soon as they can. The actual construction time takes about three weeks. So after you've ordered your log cabin, you'll also need to do some prep work to get your building site ready for your cabin. You'll need to get a foundation with footers in place and the footers need to be below the frost level. You can get a full basement foundation which will double the size of your home providing you with more space for bedrooms and even another living space. Another option is to build a crawl space foundation which gives you access to the bottom of your cabin or house for plumbing, heating, and other utilities. When you're building a log cabin that will just be used for recreational purposes, you don't have to meet certain building codes that must be met with a full-time residence. Small log cabins can also be built onto concrete slabs or a crushed stone base with plumbing access. Any small log cabin or home that's more than 16 feet wide will need at least a crawl space foundation even if it will just be a vacation home.

When your log cabin is ready, it will be delivered as a couple of pre-assembled modules. One of the company's representatives will also come out to inspect the building site before your log cabin is delivered to determine if the site is accessible. The customer must also ensure that they have a proper driveway or entrance access that's not too muddy for the delivery day. When the builders come to your property, the foundation should be complete and girders and sill plates installed. Or for full basements, you'll need to have the central steel I-beams in place. Then, they will use a crane to lift all of the modules of the log cabin onto the foundation to secure them to the sill plates. Check out the small log cabin designs on My Cozy Cabins for more inspiration.***

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