The only stainless steel appliance cleaner you will ever need

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Stainless steel looks so pristine in a kitchen but can be terribly difficult to clean considering stainless steel picks up everything. Since stainless steel is so light coloured, it is noticeable when there are fingerprints, oil splatters, or water droplets on the surface. As a result, stainless steel appliances, like a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave or oven require special cleaning products to return them to pristine, shining condition. There are several stainless steel cleaning products available in stores, but a few of the issues with them are that they are expensive and may also contain chemicals you would rather not have in your kitchen. Luckily, Sara, the author of Bitz & Giggles lifestyle blog, has found the only stainless steel appliance cleaning product you will ever need, and it is non-toxic too. Olive oil, which can be purchased at any grocery store, can remove fingerprints and splatters, as well as repel new stains. For more details on how to clean your stainless steel surfaces with olive oil, check out Sara’s website.

In the case of household cleaning tips, appliances are often an afterthought, because they generate so much use through the day and get dirty again. It is always a terrific idea to wipe them down frequently, though, since that will help limit the build-up of grease and grime, and save you time when doing a more thorough cleaning. Using olive oil to polish up stainless steel surfaces will be so easy, that you will feel you can do it any day after washing dishes and neatening the kitchen at the end of the day. Since you may already have olive oil on hand, and it is already in the kitchen, you can simply wipe down the stainless steel surfaces of your kitchen to clean them up. Even if your stainless steel pots or bowls get splotchy, you can wipe them with a small amount of olive oil to brighten their appearance. Although olive oil is a favourite for this purpose because it has a fragrant scent, you could use any oil you have on hand, though.

Olive oil isn’t thought of as a kitchen cleaner, but it is surprising how effective it is at making stainless steel look bright and new. Additionally, olive oil does have the ability to sanitise surfaces in the home, and beyond that, may be able to fight infections in people. While you may not prefer to use olive oil as your sole cleaning solution, it will make a great additional to your list of natural kitchen cleaners. Rather than simply following Sara’s method for cleaning spots from stainless steel surfaces, you can start by sanitising with some hot soapy water or some vinegar, before doing the final touches with olive oil. Vinegar is also one of the best non toxic cleaners because it can kill several kinds of bacteria effectively.

The process of how to remove spots from stainless steel appliances is so easy using Sara’s cleaning method because it is a simple matter of wiping the appliances in a circular motion. You can clean as you go through your kitchen during the day, whether you are waiting for something to cook or wrapping things up for the day. Sara recommends using paper towels, but if you like being eco-friendly, you could also use a soft cloth that you can wash in the washing machine. Although her recommendations are for the stainless steel appliances in your home, you could use her cleaning instructions on a sink if it is stainless steel as well. Thank you, Sara, the author of Bitz & Giggles lifestyle blog, for sharing her stainless steel appliance cleaning product with us.

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