The Original Chickadee Cottage Chicken Salad

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Nothing beats the real thing so use this recipe to make The Original Chickadee Cottage Chicken Salad. You will never get stuck with an imitation again. And this chicken salad has a few special ingredients that make the mixture light and flavorful and truly special to serve your family and friends. This salad is good enough, and offers enough depth of flavor, to serve on bread as sandwiches. The website photo uses a croissant type of bread, although a brioche would also make a fantastic bread for this sandwich. Try them both, and see which one you and your family prefer.

This salad is easy to make, and starts with either pre-cooked chicken or turkey. The recipe creator and blogger, Melissa, notes that the recipe could be cut in half to reduce quantities. Both chicken and turkey are great meats, cheap to buy, and easy to cook. Why not make the entire recipe and have a family and friends gathering or picnic? This is such a wonderful salad that it deserves to be shared so make plenty and do so often.

This salad has lots of good nutrition of offer including plenty of protein, lots of good carbohydrates, and loads of celery, which offers terrific crunch and acts as a great salt substitute. This salad has great texture and flavor and will fill everyone up in a satisfying way. Some people may prefer to eat this dish just as a salad, rather than in a sandwich. Either way, it will taste great. Try it the first time you make this dish with chicken, and then the next time, make the salad with turkey. See if people notice and choose your favorite recipe for you and your family.

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