The Original Frontier Inn Salad

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This recipe is a unique and interesting blend called The Original Frontier Inn Salad. It blends a number of ingredients that might not occur to you immediately as a great mixture, but once you taste the result, you will be sold on this recipe. The website suggests serving it with BBQ, and I agree. This is a summer salad. The recipe suggests using frozen peas, which will work, but if you can also get summer fresh peas and use them, the results will be fantastic (do not forget to lightly steam the peas, if you use fresh, just until they are slightly tender).

This is a great combination of ingredients that produces a relatively high protein result. There are both eggs and peas, which are protein rich ingredients. Peas are a reliable source of omega-3 fats as well as omega-6. It is full of plenty of vitamins including vitamins K and E, among others. Peas may also be an environmentally friendly vegetable because of its ability to fix nitrogen gas in the air and put it to work in the soil. This ability to fix nitrogen may mean that less nitrogen needs to be put in to the soil in order to produce this crop. Nitrogen can run off agricultural lands and contaminate ground water, so using less of it may be beneficial. As well, the roots of peas do not deeply penetrate the soil, and so may reduce the risk of soil erosion. Finally, the pea plant can be left in the soil after the peas are harvested and so return nutrients in to the soil. So eat your peas. They are good for you and good for our environment.

This recipe includes bacon, which gives it a rich and pungent flavor. This salty and sultry taste is a perfect complement to the sweetness of the peas, so don’t leave it out. This is a great salad, and your family will really enjoy it. Try it soon.

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