The Peanut Butter Cheese Ball

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Forget the savoury cheese ball recipe for you next dinner party get-together and make this peanut butter cheese ball recipe instead. This dish is perfect to adorn the snack table or to include as part of a buffet-style dessert spread with its nutty peanut butter taste and generous chocolate chip coating. It is also incredibly easy to prepare and may be prepared well in advance of the event; just make sure you leave a good chunk of time for this peanut butter ball recipe to rest at room temperature to return it to its creamy, sensuous nature.

Simple dessert recipes are just what you need when you have company coming over or would like to bring a dish to a gathering or potluck, but this peanut butter recipe is even better because it holds up well at room temperature for a few hours. Like other cheese ball recipes, this intriguing dessert uses cream cheese for stability, since peanut butter is very loose and creamy on its own, and requires another component for it to maintain its ball shape. This chocolate chips and peanut butter chips add texture and make this sweet cheese ball recipe incredibly attractive for the dessert table. If you want to present this fun desserts recipe in a beautiful way, consider placing the ball in the center of a round or square platter and place varied items for dipping into the peanut butter mixture. Sturdy sliced fruit, like apples and pears, are ideal for scooping up the creamy peanut butter spread recipe, but veggies like carrot and celery sticks are also excellent pairings if you want to serve this sweet cheese ball on the appetizer table instead. You can also add any of your favourite cookies to the platter for some variety to the dish and a few sprigs of mint always brighten up a dessert making it look extra appealing.

Cool dessert recipes, like this peanut butter ball recipe, naturally works well as an attractive dinner addition, but this dip recipe could also work well as an afternoon snack for kids, especially when served alongside sliced fresh vegetables and apple slices. Many people see peanut butter as a healthy food choice, and store-bought peanut butter certainly contains many healthy traits, like protein and some dietary fibre, but the healthy nature of peanut butter is dependent on the type and brand. Many varieties of peanut butter contain high amounts of sugar and are not entirely made of peanuts, but you will have more luck if you purchase natural organic peanut butter instead. Organic peanut butter nutrition will usually include low sugar content and contain a lot more peanuts than other more traditional varieties. When preparing food for kids, you will always try to ensure they are getting the best nutrition possible, and for this reason, organic peanut butter may be the best choice for this cheese ball recipe. When in doubt at the store, always read the label to determine which peanut butter brand is best for you and your family. Thank you to Christy, the author of ‘The Girl Who Ate Everything’ recipe blog, for sharing her easy peanut butter cheese ball recipe.**

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