The Perfect Bread and Dipping Sauce

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Enjoy this combination of a Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce and Pretzel Dogs recipe that not only gives you the pretzel but also the honey mustard dipping sauce recipe that goes with it! The pretzel dog recipe is also dead easy, and it might be one that you want to make with the kids. In fact, if they are too little to help, they will still want to watch because it is a lot of fun to put together the dough and the hot dog that makes up this pretzel dogs recipe. This is a perfect summer recipe to make on those days when you and the family are out in the heat, whether you have gone to a circus, the fair or some other event, and arrive home and want some fun food to eat. You could eat these pretzel dogs either as a whole meal, or you could cut them up and serve them as appetizers. The kids might prefer the pretzel dogs chopped up, no matter what, since kids always like food that is small enough for their little hands.

This is a quick and easy recipe that takes minutes to put together. Even the up and coming cooks in your house could make either the honey mustard dipping sauce recipe, or the pretzel dogs recipe. So if they are in the mood, turn over the keys to the kitchen while you go and take a hot bath. As long as you are within shouting distance of the aspiring cooks, there will be no problems! This is a fun recipe that all the kids will like, and you will also enjoy if someone else can make it for lunch (or even dinner). You can serve the dogs whole or you could cut them up once they are baked and serve them as little bites. They will taste great either way, and if you are serving a crowd, or serving these an appetizer, then serving them chopped might be a great idea.

The sauce can keep for several days in the fridge, too, and will be great just on hot dogs. The pretzel dogs are better if you eat them right away as they taste best fresh and the breading might become soggy if they are allowed to sit too long. Of course, kids do not seem to mind those kinds of issues and may happily just microwave the leftovers later, when they want another snack. However you make them, and save them for leftovers, this Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce and Pretzel Dogs recipe will be a smash hit with the kids in your family, both the big ones and the little ones! Enjoy this fun snack food soon!

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