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With the wave of interest in tiny houses sweeping the nation, you may have even considered living in a tiny house yourself. If you're interested in living in a tiny house on wheels, one of the best things to do is gather a lot of different tiny house design ideas and to stay in a few different tiny houses on wheels if you can. The Escape Tiny House building company actually even has a tiny house village they call Canoe Bay Escape Village. This is a place where people can rent out different tiny houses that the company has built and even purchase one of their own within the village. Or, if you would prefer to take your tiny house to another place to park it on your own property, they will build you your very own custom tiny house on wheels and deliver it to you themselves. They've even built tiny houses that are now in Hawaii, so they can really get them anywhere. Their tiny house village includes most of their tiny house models so you can see each one up close and personal before making your decision on which one to buy for yourself.

They have a range of sizes and styles of tiny house, but each one is very well designed and feels larger than it actually is. This is most likely because of the panoramic windows they add into each house, plus the large glass doors that they integrate as well. Windows are everything in a tiny space like this. They instantly let light and views from the outside world in, which creates the illusion of more space. This is a great thing to keep in mind when designing any home. The tiny house design featured here is called the Traveler which starts at $66,600. You could also apply for financing as low as $419 per month. The prices of the finished product may change somewhat depending on the different finishes and fixtures that are installed in the home, but it's always good to have a general idea of what price range you're looking at. The Traveler measures 25 feet long 8.5 feet wide and 13.6 feet high with 269 square feet of space inside. It's also an an RVIA Certified Travel Trailer weighing 10,000 to 12,000 pounds depending on the chosen options.

They build all of their tiny houses on custom trailers made specifically for their tiny houses. The trailer for this particular house has 7,000 pound tandem axles, radial tires, electric brakes, a break-away safety system, and levelling jacks. The finishes on their tiny houses are beautiful too, and feature cedar on the outside and pine on the inside. You can also opt to have drywall installed if you prefer. One of the other great things about their tiny houses is that they are fully insulated with closed cell foam that's made out of recycled products. The insulation has 7.4 R-value per inch, and the home has R22 walls, R30 floor, and R40 ceiling. So their homes can survive and stay warm inside in even the harshest of conditions. In this particular tiny house on wheels, they also give customers the option of a fireplace with thermostat, a split system A/C, a liquid propane furnace or baseboard heat. If you want your tiny house to be off the grid, they can also install solar power and other off-grid features. Many of their tiny houses don't feature lofts, but this one has two lofts. There's a sleeping loft with a queen bed and stairway access as well as a second loft that could be used for storage or another sleeping loft. Check out the videos on the website and see what you think of this tiny house design.***

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