The Perfect Cookie For One!

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Are you craving a chocolate chip cookie right at this moment but don’t have any in your kitchen pantry? Do not fret, we’ve got you covered this time. Try this recipe that makes a perfect cookie for one. Yes, that’s right, a recipe that is perfect to make just one cookie right in your kitchen. With little prep time, you’ll be amazed to eat the most delicious, gooey, warm and fresh chocolate chip cookie straight from your oven. This recipe is kind of like a mug cake that serves one. The only difference being that it’s not a cake but instead a cookie. It is a perfect portion size too if you’re watching the calories. It keeps your cravings satisfied without overindulging.

The cookie experts would agree the importance of watching each step when following a chocolate chip cookies recipe to get them right. There are so many elements that count like the texture, the shape, the right color, the smell and of course the taste. To bake the perfect chocolate chip cookies, always make sure to incorporate correct measurement of ingredients. Do not go overboard with butter or sugar and always follow the recipe. There are of course many recipes for chocolate chip cookies but what is important is to stick to the recipe instructions. Likewise, always make sure to blend the ingredients thoroughly such as the creaming of butter and sugar at the beginning of the process. This step makes a big difference in the texture of the cookies since creaming method adds air and fluffiness. Same goes with mixing the eggs and flour as well. You never want to bite into clumps of flour in a cookie therefore always sift the flour first to eliminate any clumps in the flour. Doing this will also make the cookies rise well while baking. Never use cold butter or eggs straight from the fridge. It is always better to bring them to room temperature before you can start making the cookies.

Most store-bought chocolate chip cookies have ingredients like shortening or corn syrup in them which makes them unhealthy. No matter what, there is no substitute for easy homemade cookies that have simple ingredients in them. If you want to make the vegan version of this recipe, you could substitute the butter with coconut oil and use Ghiradelli chocolate chips in the place of the regular ones. While you’re at it, you may also want to add dark chocolate chips to make it healthier. Dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants, improves cardiovascular health and contains essential nutrients like fiber and iron. For extra nutrition in this chocolate chip cookie recipe, go ahead and add your favorite nuts like pecan, cashews, or almonds.

Thank you to Sue at The View From Great Island food blog for sharing this chocolate chip cookie recipe for one with us. Do check out Sue’s blog for more amazing recipes. This fantastic chocolate chip cookie recipe is chewy, crumbly, and perfect in every way.

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