The perfect cottage loft for under 50K!

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This rustic cottage is perfect to put on your land away from home and it is extremely affordable at under $50,000. Many cabins include cabin building kits, but this one doesn’t. Having a cabin building kit means that all the materials get sent to you with a plan, and you have to assemble it yourself. The bonus of this cottage is that it is a full mobile home and gets shipped to you intact. It is not necessary to rely on log home builders or building plans to create log cabin buildings. You don’t have to source products for building log cabins for your vacation properties. The company, Instant Mobile House, sends you an affordable building ready to go in your chosen spot.

The cottage has plenty of windows to allow for ample lighting on the inside. Windows are so important since you don’t want to spend your holiday in a dreary home; rather it should be open to nature. You will be sure to see the greenery or lakeside view of your property from the windows. The interior of this mini house offers an open concept kitchen and living room, with a bedroom and bathroom off the back. There is a loft at the top of the building which can be used to sleep more people or storage. The exterior of this cabin makes it perfect for rugged terrain. It is covered with wooden panels and has a cute porch on the front. The siding is customizable, though, and Instant Mobile House will add the siding of your choice.

Instant Mobile House is a company in the United States, and they make several kinds of mobile homes in varying sizes. Their buildings don’t require pick-up; rather, they will deliver the homes to your designated property and set it up for you. One of the amazing things about this mini house is that it is made with a fire-safe siding. The siding is called cempanel fiber cement and will not burn. It is also safe in potentially challenging environments. It will not warp due to heat, and the structure will not be damaged by termites. Instant Mobile House’s homes are the perfect choice for wet environments, too, because they will not rot in damp conditions. All of Instant Mobile House’s homes are RV certified as well, which means you can take this cabin to your campsites.

The affordable price of this quaint cottage, its adorable appearance, and the luxuries of a kitchen and bathroom make it an incredible buy. There truly is no other mini house like it, because it provides space for sleeping several family members as well as access to items one may not expect on a camp site or in a vacation home. For more information on this particular cottage loft and some detailed photos of the interior, outside and floor plan, check out Instant Mobile House’s website. You may want to take a look at their other mobile home options, too.

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