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The dormers on this cute wood cabin are a nice feature that sets this log home kit apart from other. The Caribou Model is a Reverse Gable log home kit that has one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, a living area and an outdoor covered patio. The shell or basic cost of this adorable wood cabin kit is $19,200, or you can purchase the premium wood cabin kit that is move in ready for $31,752. That's reasonable for a place to call your own. You could use this wood cabin for a variety of purposes from a cabin to getaway to, a guest cottage or a solar off grid home. The Caribou wood cabin kit uses SIP panels for the walls and roof which make for your structural insulation. The sheer for this log home kit uses white pine tongue and groove flooring, the exterior has tongue and groove D-Log Siding, along with insulated vinyl windows, steel insulated entry doors, and a house wrap with felt baked-on enamel metal roof in your choice of colors. Inside the wood cabin are tongue and groove finished walls and tongue and groove ceiling rafters and a ridge beam structure for the roof, along with watershed stain for the exterior wood protection.

This log home kit could be used for a variety of uses and can be customized to suit your lifestyle, needs and budget. Maybe you need a log home kit to put beside a lake property that you want to use for vacation time to relax away from the city. This would be a great wood cabin kit to use with solar panels to help reduce your energy costs. Solar panels are a great way to go, and while there might be an initial set up and installation cost, once you have the solar power it will save your money in the future.

Some interesting facts you might not know about solar power includes that even on cloudy days and overcast days you typically receive at least two hours of sunlight per day. Cloudy locations and building sites can receive about 2.5 hours of sunlight per day, while sunny building sites and locations can receive an average of about five hours of sunlight a day. Solar power can work even on overcast and cloudy days, and while sunny days may produce more solar energy, the solar will still continue to draw energy even when the weather is cloudy and overcast. Indirect, or diffused sunlight will still help you to power your solar log cabin. Batteries with your solar kit can help to make the solar systems a 24/7/365 power source. When solar power is combined with an integrated battery, the solar panels can provide electricity even when it’s dark outside, and help provide for a self-sufficient,off-grid life. The sun gives off thousands of watts of natural energy each day. Solar panels and solar power is a reliable energy source. Just think if the main electrical grids fail, that hundreds or thousands of homes can be left without power, but if you have solar you needn't worry.

This is just one of the wood cabin kits you will find on the Green Garden Chicken website. On the site you will find other log cabin kits that can be used for solar or off-grid living, solar panels, off grid solar kits, solar and wind, grid tie solar kids, and so much more. This is a company that is very helpful for people who are just getting into living with solar; they can provide you with plenty of useful information and ideas and more. **

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