The perfect little BAMBOO tiny house to check out!

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If you love all things sustainable and natural, you'll be excited to have the chance to stay in a tiny house built with eco friendly building materials. This is a brand new sustainable tiny house in Tzununa, Guatemala on serene Lake Atitlan. Lake Atitlan is home to some of the most progressive sustainable businesses and schools teaching permaculture and sustainable building techniques. This particular home is built using bamboo, which is one of the best natural and sustainable building materials in the world. Because of how quickly bamboo grows and how affordable it is to grow, it makes for a very efficient material for many things, including building materials. It's also easy to work with and very lightweight, yet strong and durable which is why so many designers and builders choose it. You can see in the photos of this beautiful home that it was built using larger pieces of bamboo as the posts and beams of the home to create the frame. It's also been used as the roofing material as well, and even a lot of the furniture and accessories in the house are crafted out of bamboo.

The rental tiny house is one of the many sustainable buildings in Tzununa, and this one has a private garden as well as an outdoor kitchen so you can cook your meals outside and enjoy eating them outdoors as well. There's just something about enjoying a homecooked meal outside. Also, the shower is outdoors too, and it's a hot one as well. The tiny house is on a property where there are vegetable, herb and fruit gardens and there are also herbalism courses taught right there too. So if you're also interested in permaculture, you could take a couple of courses while you're there and bring the wisdom of sustainability and natural living back home with you. You can also experience an ancient Mayan sauna called a temascal right on site, as well as purchase homemade herbal remedies that are crafted from the herbs and plant medicines on the property. It really doesn't get better than this when it comes to connecting with nature and ancient healing techniques. Also, if you're into yoga, there's even a yoga retreat centre where you can do yoga daily right across the street. There's also Kirtan singing circles once a week too. Atitlan Organics is a permaculture school that is only 15 minutes away, and they also offer sustainable building courses so you can learn how to build buildings similar to the bamboo tiny house you will stay in.

Lake Atitlan is a great place to visit to unplug from the modern world and get in touch with a more natural, sustainable and holistic way of life. It's grown quite a bit over the years to support locals and travellers alike. Natural building is something that is really needed in our modern world too, and it would be great if we could spread these building practices to urban centres as well. Conventional construction methods add a significant amount of pollution to our planet which has long-term effects on the environment and human beings as well. We can create a healthier future for the planet and ourselves if we learn more about sustainable building and incorporate more eco friendly building materials into our construction methods. In North America, LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the top sustainable building rating system in the world. It provides designers and engineers with a framework for creating efficient and affordable green buildings that are built using sustainable technologies and materials. Check out this cute bamboo accommodation and plan your trip soon or get inspired by sustainable design.***

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