The perfect RANCHER log home ?

Photo Credit: Deer Run Cabins

This rancher is the perfect home for placement on a holiday property or out in the country. It would even work well as a permanent home for those looking to simplify their lifestyle. The floor plans show this home as containing three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a separate living room and kitchen. The home isn’t large, being at 28 x 36 feet in size, but the good news is that the company, Deer Run Cabins, is willing to customize the cabin to your tastes, including the size. Many cabin builders won’t assemble their cabins on the customer’s property, but rest assured that all will be taken care of with this rancher. Deer Run Cabins can be prebuilt, assembled and placed on a foundation. The only tasks the customer will be responsible for are getting the electrical, plumbing and HVAC set up. They also have the option of the customer receiving an unassembled kit if they have the desire to build a log cabin themselves.

Small log cabins are becoming a trendy option for those who want a cozy addition to a vacation property or campground. This particular rancher is a popular log house for those purposes, but it also excellent for everyday living. Living in a smaller log house often means having less of a footprint on the environment. Smaller homes take much less energy to warm and cool, which will not only save you money but help the environment. The higher insulation quality of wood will reduce the carbon footprint that emanates from your home as well. Deer Run Cabins’ homes, in particular, are designed with SIPs. SIPs are structural insulated panels, which are meant to be a green option, as well as save builders on time and labor. The panels are thick with foam in between for maximum insulation. The heavy insulation reduces the home’s carbon footprint by reducing the amount of power needed to heat or cool.

This rancher home will provide more than enough room to house a small family, and you can have all the luxury finishes that you desire. The company will allow you to customize their log houses anyway you like, whether it be details of the kitchen design, doors, windows or flooring. If there is something about the log cabin designs that you don’t like or something you would like to see improved upon, Deer Run Cabins will be willing to customize their designs for you. They have a handy phone number and email address that potential customers can reach them through.

Deer Run Cabins are located in Campbellsville, Kentucky, and they are willing to deliver across the United States and Canada. They specialize in pre-built modular homes and cabins, which can be purchased as kits for the customer to assemble or the company will build it on the property themselves for a higher price. For more information, visit the website to view photos and plans for the rancher-style home. They even have a video of the exterior and inside of the home.

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