The Perfect Soft Peanut Butter Cookie

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What makes The Perfect Soft Peanut Butter Cookie? It may depend on your own taste preferences, really. First, of course, we are talking about a soft peanut butter cookie rather than one with crunch or chew. So it is a particular texture that gets made with this cookie. Then there are the other considerations, especially whether the cookie should have peanuts or only smooth peanut butter. As well, will you add peanuts just by using crunchy peanut butter in the blend, or will you chop peanuts (and salted or plain?) in to the mixture? There are so many decisions to make and each one will give you a different and delightful cookie.

This particular recipe uses peanut butter chips in the recipe. Kids will love the chips and the peanut flavor that is infused throughout is accomplished with smooth peanut butter. So there is a double flavor whammy, first in the cookie itself, and then in the peanut butter chips. Peanut butter is a great food, and one that can be a real standby for so many meals and dishes. First, it is great just on bread or toast, in the morning, and offers plenty of good fats and protein to kids as they race out the door to school. Serve it on a piece of bread with sliced banana. Or spread half an apple with lots of the stuff for a real breakfast punch. The possibilities for peanuts and peanut butter are almost endless.

This recipe will produce a sweet and pretty cookie that your family will enjoy any time you make it. Remember, you don’t have to cook the entire batch. Almost any cookie recipe improves by sitting in the fridge overnight before cooking it, and you can also freeze the batch, and cook only as many as you want at any one time.

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