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Prefab homes come in many designs whether they are more traditional looking homes or log-style homes. The company, Karoleena’s, homes are some of the best prefab homes around because they have a sleek and modern exterior and open concept home design. Many of their home designs fulfill details that buyers are looking for as well. For example, many people are looking for homes that are environmentally friendly. Prefabs made by Karoleena can be any amount of square feet, but most of their standard designs are below 2000 square feet. Smaller homes are particularly appealing to those who care about the environment and also want to save some money because they take less energy to heat and cool. Karoleena estimates that owners of one of their prefabricated homes would see forty percent savings on their energy bills compared to others homes. A prefab home also produces much less waste to build than another kind of house, since the majority of the home is pre-constructed in a factory environment.

Prefab homes can refer to a home that is built in components and assembled on site or a mobile home. The term prefab doesn’t necessarily distinguish between either type of building. In the case of Karoleena, they build the modules in their facility and put them together on the designated site. Despite this process sounding complicated, the prefabricated construction means this will only take one or two days to complete, and you will have the keys to your home as soon as the process is finished. Those two days will also involve Karoleena’s staff doing any wiring or paint touch-ups that are required. Once the work is completed, everything would be tested to ensure they are working. All the work accomplished in those two days would already be included in the cost of your home. These tasks may include anything the company couldn’t complete in the factory, like putting up siding, but they strive to assemble as much of the home in their facilities as possible. Once these final tasks are done, the house will be a move-in ready home.

Part of the benefit of ordering a home from Karoleena rather than one of the many other companies specializing in modular or prefab homes is the fact they will ship it anywhere in the world. Many other companies will limit their customer base to certain countries. Karoleena will even make special arrangements to place a home in a place that is hard to get to. If water surrounds an area, they are willing to ship the home by barge. Alternatively, they will also employ a helicopter to ship a home to you.

Karoleena offers customizable home options for buyers, as well as the opportunity to design your own house. Their standard plans may be customized to your taste in various finishes, or you can contact the architectural team to help create the perfect home for you. For more information, visit Karoleena’s website, where they have some online forms for general inquiries or ordering a home.

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