The secret to sparkling shower doors

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Sometimes the best house cleaning tips are the most subtle ones. A bathroom or a kitchen can look so much cleaner when the glass shower doors are cleaned or the oven door. Because you don't always have enough time to get everything done, and during the week you want the house to look as could as it can. And while some people might argue that the glass shower doors are among the most challenging areas of the bathroom to clean because no matter how you wipe them, they can get streaky, others know a thing or two about works best. This is one of those house cleaning tips that you can do on a regular basis, and it is sure to make you feel better. Use this household cleaning tip the next time you shower, because there will be new water stains and soap scum to clean up. This house cleaning tip and glass shower door cleaner idea comes from the Happy Homemaker lifestyle blog, who has a handle on the situation. If you've ever lived in a house that has glass shower doors, you know the difficulty of keeping those glass doors clean from soap scum and water. This shower door cleaning method not only makes your glass doors look sparkling new again, but it also prevents you from having to clean repeatedly throughout the year. If you are looking for the ultimate of bathroom cleaning tips, you will want to read the full tutorial.

This glass shower door cleaner idea involves cleaning the glass shower doors as you normally would and then finishing with a protective product for the glass. You can use any glass shower door cleaner that you like to help remove all of the soap residues and make the glass doors look shiny again. Once you have used your glass door cleaner, you can apply a product that is called Invisible Shield. This product is meant to repel the water and soap stains for up to six months. So while this should become a part of your regular cleaning routine, you won't have to do it a lot. Your glass doors shouldn’t require a proper cleaning more than two times a year as a result of using this product because the doors should resist anything that would normally cling to them.

You may still not be convinced that a simple protective cleaning product can eliminate your glass shower door cleaning altogether, but it does help to prevent soap scum and hard water from clinging, which is most of the battle. Even if this product works for half the time that it says, it's still a win-win situation. If you would like to help the cleaning process along, you could wipe down the shower doors briefly after each time you shower. This would only take a moment and would be enough to dry off the doors. An excellent cleaning tip from the site is to keep a squeegee in the shower strictly for this purpose since you would only have to wipe the squeegee against the shower doors to remove any residue. The best household cleaning tips are often the ones that prevent more work going forward. Using a protective product on the glass doors and wiping down the glass doors down after each use will prevent a lot more work in the future.

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