The Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken That Youll Never Stop Eating

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Crock pot meals are an excellent means of reducing clean-up after a meal and having a dinner that is low on preparation time because they use one pot and can be cooked over several hours without having to be monitored. This slow cooker pineapple chicken recipe comes from the Quick Family Recipes website and is something you will never want to stop eating due to its sticky, sweet and savoury sauce and chunks of pineapple. The entire family will enjoy this tender and juicy chicken dish because of its robust flavours, and it will be easy on the wallet too since chicken thighs are one of the most economical proteins you can buy. Quick and easy chicken thigh recipes like this one can be paired with whatever sides you enjoy the most, but this one would be rounded out perfectly with some steamed white or brown rice and some Bok choy. Once you make this dinner recipe once, it will inevitably become a regular on your menu.

Chicken figures a lot into crock pot recipes, but it doesn’t always work since chicken doesn’t usually benefit from long braising times. Many varieties of meat, like beef, will become more tender the longer it cooks. Unfortunately, lengthy cooking times can have the opposite effect on chicken breast as it will dry out very quickly. For this reason, the chicken recipe uses chicken thighs, because they are dark meat and can hold up to a more extended amount of cooking. Many crock pot meals might have some advance preparation, but you won’t have to do much to prepare this meal. Just blend the sauce and combine with the chicken in the crockpot. Once that is done, it will be five or six hours before the chicken is ready, and you won’t have to check it during that entire time.

Many quick and easy chicken thigh recipes will use boneless, skinless chicken thighs rather than bone-in. This version includes bone-in chicken thighs, which will stay incredibly tender during cooking and the bone results in a tastier piece of chicken. Of course, if all you have is boneless, skinless thighs, those will work fine in this chicken recipe. The best part of crock pot meals is that they are versatile and you can switch out ingredients you don’t have for ones that you do. In fact, you may even prefer the chicken without the skin if you are looking to reduce your fat intake or would like a less greasy finish to the sauce. To make your quick and easy chicken thigh recipes a little less fatty, peel the skin off the bone-in chicken thighs or substitute with store-bought skinless thighs instead. This dish calls for low sodium soy sauce, which will automatically reduce the amount of sodium in the meal for sodium-restricted diets. If you are preparing this meal for those who are gluten-free, however, feel free to substitute with tamari. Tamari isn’t usually prepared with any wheat products, but double check the bottle to ensure it would be safe for those on gluten-free diets.

Crock pot recipes are lovely to take to potluck gettogethers because you can carry the pre-cooked food in the crockpot to its final destination and plug it in to keep it warm. Plus, the insulated bowl will hold some of the heat if you cooked it earlier in the day, which will reduce the reheat time. Everyone will adore the sweet and sour taste of this chicken dish and want to ask you for the recipe. Thank you to the Quick Family Recipes website, for sharing their slow cooker pineapple chicken recipe with us.

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