The Very Best Chicken Enchiladas

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If you are in need of a Mexican food fix and you are looking for a recipe that will keep your hunger at bay then you have come to the right place. The best family recipes start with you finding the right one and having everyone love it. Food ideas like this enchilada recipe are the best ways to find new ideas while being inspired by recipes. Good family meals start out as great recipes and if you love the recipe as it stands then great but don’t forget you can make the recipe fit your needs as well. Making any recipe can be a chore but if you feel that you and your diners will enjoy it then it becomes a labor of love and not a chore. Cooking for others is meant to be rewarding and happy work. If it becomes boring or not fun then you are doing something wrong. The best family recipes are the ones that you make with love. All the food ideas you have can be easily made when you are happy while you cook. It might sound corny but a great meal must be prepared with love. Always remember that food ideas can start with a recipe and can end with smiles and empty plates. All good family meals must have a starting point and many times that starting point is a recipe that you have or one that you have just discovered.

Mexican cooking is a great alternative since the spices that are usually found in Mexican recipes might be new to you and your diners but trying something new is a good thing. The usual Mexican diet includes many takes on salsas and sauces that accompany the main meal. With jalapenos and other hot spices in the forefront you must be able to ease back or tone down on some of these to keep the kids interested and not have their mouths and tongues in flames. Not many young children or many adults are big fans of spicy food and many Mexican dishes depend on their spices to keep the meal authentic and enticing. Enchiladas are another spin on tacos, burritos and other food made with tortilla-based wraps. They are a great way to get protein in your diet since many of these recipes call for beans and meat both great ways to get you protein. Recipes for Mexican cuisine can always be altered to make them less spicy and if you are a fan of spicy food then you will be a fan of this cuisine.

Enchiladas can be fried or baked and the majority of the time they are served with a great sauce to top them off. Many recipes will include the sauce in the listing but if they don’t then any simple sauce can due in a pinch. Many great sauces can be purchased at your local supermarket as well. Thanks to Kellie of The Suburban Soapbox Blog for this yummy The Very Best Enchiladas Recipe and bon apetit.

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