There is a little porch on this tiny house design that has it all...

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Here's a tiny house design that has it all. This small wood cabin is one of the designs from Rich Portable Cabins a company based in Oregon. They build wood cabins of all sizes including smaller ones like this tiny house design. This cabin is called the Super Efficient, and it's a park model that can be used for a variety of purposes. It includes all of the features that you'd expect from a cabin included in 400 square feet of space. This cabin comes with a standard electric range with a range hood fan and a 14.4 cubic foot fridge. They also include a lot of cabinet and countertop space as well which is always nice. This would make the perfect holiday or vacation home, or even a great starter home for a family or a couple starting their lives together. The kitchen is designed to be a galley style kitchen which doesn't take up much space and still allows for easy cooking and meal preparations. The smaller kitchen also allows for more space in the living room. Like all of the wood cabins and homes from Rich Portable Cabins, this park model cabin properly insulated and built with 2 by 6 wall studs with R21 insulation in the cavities. Then the ceiling has R30 insulation which is standard, even for lower temperatures.

The bathroom may be smaller, but it features everything you'd need in a bathroom for a cabin including a 48 inch by 34 inch fibreglass shower with a bathtub. It's always nice to include a bathtub especially if you love to take baths. There is also a standard toilet, with a sink, vanity and a mirror over top. There is no loft in this wood cabin as there are in some of the other wood cabins from Rich Portable Cabins. Having the extra space is nice, but there is a bedroom on the main floor of this cabin which has lots of room for a regular bed and bedside tables. The bedroom is located at the back of the cabin which gives it lots of privacy from the rest of the home. There's even a porch on the front of the house that's built right on and can travel with the house whenever it's moved. Having the little front porch may not seem like a lot, but it really maximizes the space of the home extending it to the outdoors. The porch leads into the living room where regular sized furniture could fit, and there are some great windows to allow light into the space. Inside, the home is finished using beautiful, natural wood panelling and flooring as well as nice wood cabinets for an authentic wood cabin feel.

The measurements of the home on the exterior are 14 feet high, 13 feet wide and 39 feet long including the 7 foot porch. This makes the interior of the home 12.4 feet wide and 32 inches long with about 396 square feet of living space in total. If you've been thinking about building your own wood cabin or a tiny house, these models from Rich Portable Cabins would be a great inspiration to you, and maybe you'll even want to buy one of them for your own purposes. Having a tiny house like this on your land makes for a great guest house to use to accommodate guests when they come to visit, or it could be the perfect little space for a rental unit to generate some more income for yourself. Check out this Super Efficient design and others from the Rich Portable Cabins website.***

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