Theres a Secret Button On Your Seat to Get Extra Space on Airplanes

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If you have trouble getting comfortable on airplanes, you're not alone. Most people, big and small feel like airplanes are cramped and crowded with little room for comfort. The storage bins are too low, and the seats are too small, the aisles are hard to walk down, and there is hardly enough room in the bathroom. Some airplanes are larger than others, but they still seem to have very little space in them, and then there are the small jets which are hardly big enough for a handful of people, yet they manage to fit up to 50 people on one flight. That's why most people choose the window seat because there might be a few extra inches of space there. Apartment Therapy has some simple life hacks for us that can make our flights more comfortable though. So if you're someone who finds flights and airplanes uncomfortable, these simple life hacks are for you. They mention something that a lot of people may not know about, and that's the extra space in the aisle seat. Did you know that there is a special hidden button that will allow you to have some extra space? It's not the button you'd push to recline your seat but another one that's hidden and that most people don't know about.

You can try this simple life hack by finding the button if you're in an aisle seat. Put your hand under the armrest near the hinge. Once you've found it press it and you'll find that you can move the armrest up to hinge it back against your seat. This way the armrest is out of the ay, and you can have a few extra inches of space to move around. Even though it's just a simple life hack and it only gives you a bit more space, for people who feel confined by armrests, it could mean everything. Just make sure that you still remain in your seat and don't hang out in the aisle too much otherwise you could get bumped by the carts. It will also prevent your bags from getting stuck on the armrest as you're leaving the airplane once your flight is over too since straps on purses, backpacks and suitcases can often get stuck on the armrest. You can also use this simple life hack in the window seat too apparently. Just put your hand under the armrest as you would for the aisle seat and find that secret button to lift up the armrest to get it out of the way.

There are also some other simple life hacks that will help you get through a flight easier as well. If you have a long flight make sure you're prepared for the dry atmosphere in the plane. Bring your own larger bottle of water on the plane after you go through security since you will get very thirsty on the airplane and it sucks to have to keep asking for the tiny cups of water they give you. It also helps to bring on some good lip balm and moisturizer as your skin will get really dried out over the course of a long flight. Some people even bring sheet masks to wear on flights to prevent their skin from getting too dried out. For comfort, bring a pillow and your own blanket and have your own earphones so that you can watch movies or listen to music. Bringing a book or a good magazine will also help to pass some time too. Try out these simple life hacks on your next flight or share them with people who fly a lot.***

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