Theres Nothing New About Trendy Bone Broth

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If you live in New York or certain other big cities, you can actually go to certain establishments and purchase a coffee mug of broth made from bones. Although seemingly trendy, this practice dates way back to the early 19th century in Europe when it was possible to buy beef tea and drink it for all sorts of ailments.

In the present day thousands of foodies around the world are stewing up their own pots of bone broth as a health elixir for things like beauty treatments (dull hair) to cellulite to joint problems, digestive difficulties and so on. The health conscious groups are literally lining up in the big cities for their daily dose, sometimes also including added health superfoods like turmeric and marrow. There are even mixologists at places like the 'Belcampo Meat Company' who sell cups of broth made from their own butcher shop. Another place you will find bone broths in restaurants will be certain Asian restaurants who have been serving broth-based dishes like ramen and pho for many years.

Whether you are trying to recover from joint injuries or other health ailments there is nothing wrong with a cup of soup (so to speak) made of good qualities bones from grass feed beef, pasture free range poultry and so on.

The history of bone broth goes way back, when it was against any amount of intelligence to throw away nutrients available hard worked for food. The nutrients in the bones of the animals that we consume regularly have added health benefits that are worth boiling out and sipping regularly.

What is bone broth?

Bone broth is made from boiling bones along some of the meat, skin and gristle attached in water for 18 hours or more. It can be made from all sorts of animals, but the most important thing is to know where your animal has come from.

Tips to making bone broth:

- Choose organic

- Choose grass fed beef

- Choose free range poultry

- Know where your meat is coming from and how the animals are being raised.

Although there are not many studies that look at the specific and isolated benefits of bone broth, there are numerous studies indicating that the consumption of 'collagen' in the form of food (available in bone broth) - it is easy for the body to absorb and utilize where it needs it.

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