These Amazing PREFAB home will save you an average of $7000 per year

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All Blu homes are simply the greenest homes in the world. They are built to exceed the strictest green home regulations and energy efficiency ratings of any country. Green rated homes result in higher resale value versus comparable homes, making them your best investment. Up to 50% lower monthly operating costs, lower maintenance, and lower cost of ownership saves an average of $7000+ in energy costs over 10 years.

Prefab tiny house designs are another of the options you have when it comes to small house living. Prefab designs minimize building waste because thee tiny house buildings are built indoors, and can be mass-produced which can help to eliminate a lot of building material waste. The waste reduction for building prefab designs also comes from the fact that they are built in the same place, so many of the building materials can go towards other prefab designs. Prefab designs also eliminate lengthy delays caused by poor weather conditions. One of the best benefits of prefabricated construction is that they take only a matter of months to be built, and some of the prefab homes can even be delivered within less than a week. Typically prefab designs cost less than the average sized house to build, but you will, however, want to be aware of hidden costs. The reason for this is that prefab home designs prices are usually quoted with just the cost of the primary design in mind, and often these fees do not include things such as the purchase of the land, levelling the ground, utility hookups, landscaping, driveways, garages, and more. You will want to keep these factors in mind if a prefabricated construction is something you are considering.

Whether you have found your dream property or are looking for a place to go for family vacations for future generations, prefab designs, and small house designs continue to be a popular choice with several benefits. Some of today’s most popular builders are creating unique modern prefab designs using local building materials that are both functional and also environmentally sound. These prefab designs also have a reputation for reliability, as they are typically built indoors which reduces the risk of damages from weather, insects, and vandalism and do away with unexpected delays. For those who are unfamiliar, prefabricated construction, also known as prefab or modular designs are home designs that are built in factories and then delivered to the buyer’s property. Prefab home designs can work for almost any property, provided the property has the necessary access to move the prefab or modular designs onto the land. The modules are tiny house buildings that are very manoeuvrable and don't usually require cranes to get them onto most building sites. Prefab designs can be delivered to a variety of building locations from islands, and remote building sites. Prefabricated construction can save you on the cost of moving labor and building materials to and from the building site during a conventional home design site build. The following are some of the benefits of prefabricated construction.

1. Construction. Because prefab tiny house buildings are built in a factory, there is no waste of building materials or chemicals that are left on the building site.

2. Transportation. Especially for remote building locations, prefabricated construction of a small cottage home requires months of driving or boating to and from a building site in gathering building materials and workers. With less back and forth there is less stress on the environment and less time wasted.

3. Materials. This can vary from one prefab company to another, but many small house design builders use the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly technologies and building materials that are available. You will find small house designs and prefabs with green roof systems, for instance, that promises superior insulation of heat and evaporative cooling. Greener prefab and small house design companies also offer more self-sufficient tiny house buildings that include solar panels.

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