These Homes Are Delivered ANYWHERE and READY in 6 Months!

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Many people choose to forgo building a house or even renovating a house because they perceive it will be a huge hassle and very expensive. If you have always wanted to build a house on your land, the prefab homes made by Karoleena Inc. in British Columbia, Canada, are worth looking at. Prefab homes are houses that are built in a factory with pre-made parts, rather than being built directly on your land. Since they are built with pre-made parts, the prefabricated construction process is much faster and more efficient than the construction of traditional homes. Karoleena can accomplish their builds within six months’ time, once they have started building. The process of customizing your home design may take additional time, but it is wonderful to know that once Karoleena’s manufacturing team starts building, you can have a home within a smaller amount of time than it takes to build a traditional home. They will also ship their homes anywhere in the world. Even hard-to-reach places are fair game, as they are willing to ship their homes by barge or helicopter.

Karoleena is an excellent company to order a prefab home from because they take your tastes into account. They have several customizable plans for you to choose from, and they range in size from 785 and 2975 square feet. No matter the design you choose, Karoleena will allow you to decide on the finishes, like the color of the siding, the type of doors and windows, or the design of patio. They will also allow you to decide on the appliances, flooring, cabinets and countertops. Following a Karoleena architectural design might seem like it could be expensive, especially seeing the types of high-end finishes they offer, but it will be an option as affordable as a regular house. If desired, Karoleena will employ their architectural team to design a fully customized home not using their base plans, though, and this could become more expensive. They are willing to build a home as small as 400 square feet all the way up to several thousand square feet, which would impact the price significantly.

The one question you may be asking is if Karoleena's buildings are truly quality homes, give their affordability and the fact they take so little time to construct. The answer is ‘yes’, because Karoleena employs all the latest technologies to ensure the homes are structurally, mechanically and architecturally sound. The homes are designed to meet building codes no matter the region they are being shipped to, and gaining a development permit for placing the home on your property would be as easy as getting one for building another kind of home.

Karoleena has an excellent reputation for building quality prefab homes. For more information, you can contact their customer service team by the phone number listed on their website. They even have two forms you can fill out, one for general inquiries and one for starting the building process. They will help you with everything from planning the home layout design to pricing or shipping the home to your property.

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