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These adorable mini wood cabins are built in the warehouse and shipped completely assembled to your building location. You will want to take a look at these small log home kits, and you can see the photos of the wood cabins under construction, you will notice they are built on skids. This is what makes the log cabin designs portable.

These small log home kits are easily shipped assembled to your building site. Because of highway overpasses, they log cabin designs can only be built to a maximum of 10 feet 6 inches high. The wood cabins are typically 10 feet wide and can be a maximum of 28 feet long. The wood cabins, however, can be built longer, wider and taller. This requires a wood cabin material package that is delivered to your site and the mini cabin being assembled on location rather than shipping finished. These wood cabins are typical $35.00 per square foot and up, plus delivery. The standard log used for these wood cabins is a 6inch by 4inch D-Log with tongue and groove. The log cabin designs have exposed beams and rafters, as shown in the illustrated photos on the site. These adorable mini cabins are built to your specific order upon request and arrive at your building site completely stained and ready for you to immediately enjoy. It doesn't get much easier than that. A small log home kit is the perfect place to get away and spend time with family and friends in a location that you enjoy. These wood cabins are an affordable option if a log cabin design is something you've been thinking of. It doesn't get much easier than choosing the wood cabin that you like, and than having it delivered to your building site, already put together. Whether you need a mini wood cabin for use as fishing or hunting cabin, a mini wood cabin to get away and relax, there are different options to choose from.

Pine logs are a durable variety of wood that is excellent for wood cabin building because pine logs do not crack or twist as easily as some varieties of spruce trees. Pine is also a wood that is very aesthetically pleasing with lots of character, which makes it great for the rustic look of wood cabins. Pine is also a good choice for wood cabin kits as it will cost you less to ship, as pine is lighter than using fir. So when the time comes to ship a load of logs to your wood cabin construction site, you will get more logs per truckload because the weight is lighter compared to other log varieties.

These mini log cabins can be found on The Hunter site. They have a variety of small log home kits and log cabin designs for all your needs. With names like The Hideaway, The Niagara, and The Sugar Shack these wood cabins are easy to get to your building site and can be used for a variety of uses. **

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