These Self-Assemble Tiny Houses From $3,600

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Tiny house building is more popular than ever before, and it’s no wonder with the high costs of standard sized home designs. Small house designs are a good way for people to get the home design of their dreams without having to break the bank. Small house designs can not only save their owners money, but there are other benefits such as environmental benefits to the freedom a small house design offers. When it comes to tiny home designs, there are several options to design your own house from tiny house kits to prefab designs. Depending on how involved you want to be in the process of tiny house building there are different options that you might consider from tiny house kits to prefabricated construction.

Tiny house building kits are one of the ways you can achieve home ownership. With this type of small house design, there are pros and cons that will help you determine if this tiny home design is suitable for you. Small house design kits are one of the ways you can build a tiny home when you don't have all of the necessary construction skills that are required for building from scratch. A tiny house building kit offers a hands-on approach to building, and the kits are easily customized. With a tiny house kit, you will know most of the tiny house costs up front, so there won't be a lot of surprises. You can choose the tiny house building that suits your budget and lifestyle, order it, and when it arrives at your building site, build it yourself with the help of instructions and possibly a friend or two. With a tiny house building kit, you can get that sense of accomplishment that comes from building your small cottage home or tiny house building on your own, without the difficulty that building a tiny house design from scratch requires. Another pro of tiny house building kits is that you can choose from add-on options to include additional kitchen space, add on porches, bathrooms, storage and more. There are several tiny house building kits that can be built by the inexperienced builder. One of the cons of a tiny house building kit is that it will take more manual labor and time than buying a small house design that is already completed.

Prefab tiny house designs are another of the options you have when it comes to small house living. Prefab designs minimize building waste because thee tiny house buildings are built indoors, and can be mass-produced which can help to eliminate a lot of building material waste. The waste reduction for building prefab designs also comes from the fact that they are built in the same place, so many of the building materials can go towards other prefab designs. Prefab designs also eliminate lengthy delays caused by poor weather conditions. One of the best benefits of prefabricated construction is that they take only a matter of months to be built, and some of the prefab homes can even be delivered within less than a week. Typically prefab designs cost less than the average sized house to build, but you will, however, want to be aware of hidden costs. The reason for this is that prefab home designs prices are usually quoted with just the cost of the primary design in mind, and often these fees do not include things such as the purchase of the land, levelling the ground, utility hookups, landscaping, driveways, garages, and more. You will want to keep these factors in mind if a prefabricated construction is something you are considering.

Whatever the reason you are considering small house living, tiny house building kits and prefab designs are two of the options that can help get you there. With the average price of a tiny house design being $23,000, this is far below the high cost you will pay for a standard sized home. Small house living will save you money, but it will also offer you a different lifestyle, less about the stuff you own, more about being outdoors, mobile and environmentally friendly. **

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