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When looking to create an off grid living solar power system you need to find a great kit to get you started. This Off Grid Solar Kit from Green Garden Chicken is an awesome option that includes all of the components for the price of $10,965 US, and they offer free shipping to 48 states. The solar power kit comes with everything needed to create power for an off grid living situation, or as a back up system anywhere you want it. Many people are choosing to implement solar power in some form or another into their lives as a way to save money on electricity and to help the planet. Using electricity the way it's done presently uses fossil fuels and sometimes coal which emits harmful toxins and pollutants into the atmosphere. It's great to be conscious of how much electricity we are using each day, which lessens our individual carbon foot print, but what if we all could implement cleaner energy solutions into our daily lives as a way to eradicate fossil fuels as a means of creating power? There are also beginning to be vehicles that are charged by solar panel which don't require gasoline to run, all of these innovations are providing smarter ways of living that don't pollute the planet.

Most off grid living set ups will have to sort out another way to power their homes. Unless people do it the old fashioned way with absolutely no electricity whatsoever, using lamps and candles at night time, there needs to be an alternative power source. This is where an off grid living solar power system comes in. The solar power kits featured on Green Garden Chicken are 2880 watt systems that provide 432 kilowatts of energy per month. That is more than enough to power a home doing normal everyday activities. The solar panel kit comes with a 12,000 watt power inverter that is capable of handling the direct current coming from the solar cells on the solar panels, and converting it to alternating current making it accessible to use for electricity. To understand how many watts everyday items take look at a lap top and a vacuum cleaner for example. A normal lap top uses 25 - 150 watts, while a vacuum cleaner uses 1225 - 1500 watts. It all depends on the specific model of vacuum cleaner or lap top, but that gives you an idea of how many watts you would use.

Now that more people are choosing to go off grid, solar power is somewhat coming down in price. Even though $10,000 can seem like a hefty sum of money to spend, it's an investment in your future and something that will actually help you save money as time goes on. Some states and places in Canada will actually give you tax breaks and maybe even pay you for having solar power, but that is something you can look into depending on what state you're living in.

Having solar power ensures you have power whenever you need it, and in case of a natural disaster, it would be so beneficial to have solar power available if the power grid went down. On the Green Garden Chicken website there are more basic kits you can purchase that only cost a $1000 US, so if it's just a small off grid cabin that needs power, these would likely do the trick. Each package comes with it's own wiring system as well as panes of durable glass over the solar cells to protect them from the elements. Enjoy looking at all of the great kits that Green Garden Chicken offers on their website.***

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