This 16x20 cabin is exactly what you would picture in your mind when you think of the quintessential small log cabin

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This wood cabin is exactly what you would picture in your mind when you think of the quintessential tiny cabin design. The cabin building is optimally proportioned and is just the right size to fit a small living area, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom. This 16 by 20-foot wood cabin is perfect for a weekend getaway at the lake, as guest quarters or a hunting base. You are only limited by your imagination of the uses for this versatile and affordable Amish quality crafted wood cabin. This 16 by 20-foot wood cabin has one story with one bedroom, one bathroom and a 96 square foot covered porch. You'll want to take a look at the Meadowlark site for the wide range of wood cabin designs.

Meadowlark Log Homes use logs for their cabin buildings that are air dried before use, so the log shrinkage is minimized, and since there is less settling of the logs, the overall shrinkage of the log wall is greatly reduced. And when you compare other log walls, where only the outside edges of the scribed logs come into contact with the log below it or the chink style where the chinking provides the support, flat on flat log walls help to provide the best shear and buckling resistance that is available in a wood cabin. These cabin buildings, therefore, can handle greater point loads and extreme forces from the wind or earthquakes. This exceptional stability allows Meadowlark Log Homes to easily build the log walls for your wood cabin all the way up the gable ends to the peak log. Every Meadowlark Log Home is 100 percent log on exterior wall. The construction adhesive and spray foam are sandwiched between the flat surfaces, and a 1/2 inch flexible caulk is on the outside of each log course. Using these modern building materials with the wide surface contact area of flat on flat construction helps to create one of the tightest, most energy efficient log homes possible. A Meadowlark Log Home can be erected more quickly than most other types of construction styles, which results in labor cost savings.

When it comes to building your wood cabin from Meadowlark Log Homes, there are some things you will have to think about. To start there is the site preparation. The log home construction process begins with the site preparation, which is accomplished through your choice of either a General Contractor or sub contractor. This includes the installation of the driveway, bringing services such as power and water to the immediate vicinity your the site of the cabin building, the layout of the septic field if required, and preparing the drainage lines. Next, you want to consider the foundations. The next step in your wood cabin build is to excavate for the foundations of your wood cabin. Your wood cabin foundation may just be simple concrete footings or a foundation wall. You have to determine if there will be a walk-out or a regular basement involved, and concrete floors will also be poured at this time. The construction of the wood cabin shell. The selected contractor/builder starts assembling the logs for your cabin building. The Meadowlark Log Homes method is fairly straightforward but a little different than conventional construction methods. The customer and their wood cabin builder have access to the Meadowlark factory for advice. Interior Completion. This will involve a variety of some specialized sub-trades. Each sub contractor should be clear about your wood cabin expectations and use of building materials before commencing work.

You will find this 16 by 20-foot wood cabin on the Meadowlark Log Homes site. On the site, you will find tiny cabin designs, wood cabins, cabin buildings, wood cabin chalets, lodges, pavilions and more. **

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