This 840 Square Feet Log Cabin is a GEM!

Photo Credit: Atrium Log Homes

The Bison wood cabin kit is an 840 square foot log cabin that has everything needed for a comfortable stay. The wood cabin kit has an open kitchen, a dining and living room area. The wood cabin kit has three private bedrooms and a full sized bath that can accommodate six people comfortably. Outside there is a good sized porch that provides both open and covered areas to extend the living space outdoors of this quality log home kit.

This is just one of the home cabin kits for sale you will find from Honka. Honka is a log home company that is located in Helsinki, Finland. The log home company specializes in cabin kits for sale, luxury log cabins, log homes, and commercial projects that range from $300,000 to $10,000,000. You can choose from pre-designed wood cabin plans as well as a custom log home design of​ your own. For the Honka log cabin line of products that are between 750 square feet to 1,000 square feet and larger, the cost for the basic Honka wood cabin kit start out at about $60,000 with the expected building costs going towards $300,000. The price of the log home kit increases, depending on the wood cabin or log home options that are selected, the size of the log house design, and the wood cabin delivery location. In addition to the basic components of the log cabin kit, you can choose from a series of wood cabin and log home kit options. Some of these wood cabin options can include ceiling paneling, windows, interior and exterior doors, flooring, framed wall paneling, trim, interior and exterior railings, and more.

Honka believes that building a log home kit to be an environmental act. The wood cabin and log home company is a sustainable business that has formed a partnership with nature and recognizes that their ongoing success and profitability depends on this. Honka uses sustainable business practices and building materials in their wood cabin and logs home kit manufacturing and transportation methods that help to preserve and protect the environment, and the resources that Honka relies on. The Honka log home company has made a long-term commitment to make all of the company's aspects of log home production as environmentally friendly as possible. This starts from the planting of the trees to the harvesting of the wood, the kiln drying, the manufacturing of the home cabin kits and the worldwide container shipping. Honka considers itself to be a green company. Honka is located in Helsinki, Finland, and their log home factories are located in the middle of the forest, which helps to keep the transportation of the logs for their manufacturing to a minimum. All of the wood by-products for the log home kits are either reused or recycled either at their own wood cabin factories or sold to other companies so they can be used in products like paper, chipboard, and energy production. At the Honka Karstula factory, the wood waste is burned in a 10 MW/h power plant so that it produces the heat that is needed for the factory, along with part of the town and the other factories that are close by.

The Bison home cabin kit can be found on the Atrium Log Homes site. Atrium is the sole distributor for the Honka USA. Some of the wood cabin products you can get include any size of home cabin kit and log home kit from big to small, luxury floor plans, post and beams, log walls, saunas, and railings and more. There is a log home kit to suit your budget, and something to suit your lifestyle, budget and needs. **

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