This backsplash idea cost about $14 to do and made this homeowner happy to see in their kitchen

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When you're looking for a quick and easy update in your kitchen, look no further than your backsplash. The backsplash in your kitchen is the perfect small area to implement some stylish diy ideas. You may have considered painting or changing up your entire kitchen, but sometimes it can be just as easy as changing up your backsplash to give your kitchen a brand new look. This is one of the great do it yourself home projects from Hometalk that comes from one of the members on the website, Amy. Amy used some textured wallpaper to change up the look of her kitchen without having to spend too much money on materials and supplies. It also only took her 3 hours to complete which is something you could do on a weekend very easily with time to spare afterwards. Amy decided on textured wallpaper to give the backsplash a bit more of a luxurious look. Tiling is also nice to do in your kitchen for the backsplash, but it can be very time consuming and expensive depending on what type of tiles you buy. You can find a variety of different wallpapers at your home improvement store, as well as online if you don't find what you're looking for in the store.

Wallpaper has come and gone a few times throughout history, and there have been many different styles and patterns of wallpaper over the years. I cleaned the walls with bleach water then sanded briefly with sandpaper. Wallpaper became popular in Renaissance Europe as a way of decorating the room instead of using tapestries. Tapestries were popular with the elite and were used to bring some colour and decor to the room as well as some insulation and warmth. However, these tapestries were very expensive, so the lower classes weren't able to afford them. So instead they turned to wallpaper as an interior decorating solution. The wallpaper designs back then featured scenes and patterns that were similar to the ones in tapestries. While there aren't many of the oldest wallpaper patterns around today, there are some old master prints which are called ornament prints. The world's most expensive wallpaper is known as 'Les Guerres D'Independence' which means The Wars of Independence and this wallpaper came at a price of £24,896.50 which would be around $44,091 for the 32 panels. It was designed by Zuber in France was and is very popular in the United States. They used woodblock printing, stencilling, and hand-painting to achieve the design. As years went on, there were many different styles and patterns of wallpaper created, and they each depicted the style of the era they were created in. Chances are if you bought a home that was built before the late 90s there would be some wallpaper in it.

Now, wallpaper designs are more refined and simple, and you can even get textured wallpaper like Amy uses in this do it yourself home project. She shows us how she added the wallpaper to her kitchen so we can try it out in our own homes. First, she washed the walls and sanded them, then cleaned them again. She used a $14 textured wallpaper from Lowes so you should be able to find it for your own kitchen if you liked the look of her kitchen backsplash. You first soak the paper for 30 seconds, then fold it and let it sit for 5 minutes before putting it on the wall. This process is called booking, and it will fully activate the glue on the back of the paper. Then you just use a tool to flatten the paper against the wall. Check out her post on Hometalk for the completed look and details.***

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