This cozy chalet cabin has EXACTLY what a family would want in a weekend

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This adorable and cozy cabin is perfect for a vacation home and includes everything your friends or family would need for everyday living. It has a living area with room for seating, a kitchenette, bedrooms, and loft. It is completely surprising at how many things can be packed into this small space because while it looks tiny on the outside, it has two bedrooms to sleep several people as well as an area for seating. Country Log Homes has designed this cozy chalet, and it comes in a few sizes. At it’s smallest, this chalet-style mini house comes in at four by eight feet. This particular tiny house design is ideal for recreational use as it may not meet the building codes of your particular area. If you want a house that you can live in year rough, though, you could purchase the slightly larger sized version.

With the surge of the tiny house movement, it is no wonder that companies like Country Log Homes are thriving. The company, located in Woodsville, New Hampshire, has been in business for over twenty years. They specialize in different designs of log homes and now have over sixty models that customers can choose from. People’s desire to live in a more environmentally friendly way and more affordably has only increased this company’s business over the years. Whether you want a tiny home or log home for year-round living, or desire a quaint cottage like this one for a vacation property, Country Log Homes is an excellent company to choose.

If you are looking to buy a vacation home, consider this tiny cabin which to can place on vacant land that your own or rent. Country Log Homes allows you to purchase different plans depending on your skill level with construction as well as your price range. If you purchase the pre-cut log package, you will receive the logs which you can assemble yourself. This option is the most affordable tiny house cost at $19,000. Alternatively, if you want to purchase the 4x8’ package, which includes everything you would require, it will cost $30,350. These packages can include everything from the windows and doors to the flooring and roof.

This small house design is so cute on the outside but feels more spacious than it appears on the inside due to the high cathedral ceiling. This will make the home feel comfortable and cozy even if you have to be cooped up inside on a rainy day. The best thing about this tiny house is that you can sleep multiple people. There are two bedrooms, one of which can fit a queen size bed, while the living area is spacious enough to fit a pull-out couch. If you are curious about this vacation home or would like to learn more about Country Log Homes other designs, the company has their contact information, including telephone and email address, located on their website. The company also has a sales office in Woodsville, New Hampshire where you can visit to learn more about their homes.

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