This Cute Cozy Cabin is just UNDER 20K .

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With all of the cute log cabin designs out there, it can be hard to choose the perfect cabin, but when you find one for a good price, that decision can be made much easier. The Caribou cabin with dormers is only $19,200 which is a pretty good price for a cabin. Buying a small log cabin like this one is great for using as a vacation cabin or maybe as a rental unit on your property. Many cities and towns have an allowance for laneway homes or for accessory dwelling units. These extra homes on a property can only take up so much space though so it's important to check with your local city hall for the specific bylaws in your area. Building this as a tiny home or a cabin in the woods would be a great idea, and it would have enough room to comfortably fit a few people since there is one bedroom and a loft area to sleep in. Getting a futon for the living room area could mean that more people could sleep in the cabin too. Having a nice kitchen is also a plus in these log cabin designs, which gives you the opportunity to make all of your own meals while you camp out.

Off the front of this cabin is a lovely porch area that provides even more living space. Enjoying the outdoors on a patio in the summertime is a great way to unwind and relax so this patio will come in handy for those long hot summer days. The basic version of these wood cabins is a prebuilt unit that is delivered to a building site with all of the insulation and the windows and doors. The small log cabins can be built on the building site, or prebuilt and delivered to be set onto a foundation, but, the foundation must be set in place already before the building arrives. There are several different options when it comes to the size of the wood cabins. The most affordable wood cabins are priced at $19,200 for a 14 foot by 28-foot cabin all the way up to $21,840 for a 14 foot by 44-foot cabin. The log cabin designs can be altered in their designs which will change the sizes of the rooms in the cabin. So, if you need more space its an option for a price.

The Green Garden Chicken company also offers a premium option for their small log cabins. The premium cabins are completely built and delivered to the site; they also include the doors and windows like the basic model, but they also include stained floors, kitchen, and bathroom cabinetry, a full bath, and shower, a toilet, fans in the bathroom and bedrooms and all interior walls built. It costs more to get the premium options when buying wood cabins, but it is always worth it, especially for people who don't have the time to finish the build themselves. This way the customer doesn't have to search everywhere for the perfect finishes for their cabin, they already come included.

It may actually save money in the long run. Building small log cabins used to be a way of life for many of the new settlers coming to North America, but as time has gone on, what would have perhaps been used as a house, is now used as a second home or vacation home. Others who are interested in tiny house living would find these small log cabins appealing and quite affordable for any budget. Enjoy taking a look at all of the great American made products on the Green Garden Chicken website.***

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