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When it comes to building a home, there are many different ways on how to be environmentally friendly. These days there are more and more types of green building designs and sustainable housing ideas from solar power, log homes, eco building and more. The eco building in the photo is a rammed earth design. Rammed earth is an ancient form of building that is seeing a resurgence in popularity because of its sustainability and aesthetic appeal. The materials that are used for rammed earth sustainable buildings are sandy-clayey gravels and soils. These building materials are then compacted inside a formwork, which is similar to a concrete framework. A rammed earth can use about 75 percent less energy than a standard home build.

The walls and structures of rammed earth eco buildings are made of several layers. For each layer in a rammed earth wall, the soil is poured approximately 6 inches thick into the formwork and is then rammed with a tool called a rammer. After the wall compaction stage, the thickness of each wall layer of earth is about three inches. The procedure is then repeated until the wall is completed. For traditional or ancient rammed earth construction, which today are referred to as unstabilized rammed earth construction the only binder would have been clay. Today, modern construction techniques use other binders such as cement or lime. This type of rammed earth construction is often called stabilized rammed earth. This type of construction process increases the durability and mechanical performance of the environmental wall systems and related designs. Solum Builders is a building company that creates stabilized structural and feature rammed earth walls and other structures that are eco-friendly, custom designed, aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, and healthy to live in.

Rammed earth homes are an excellent type of green building design. Some of the benefits to rammed Here are some of the many benefits of the rammed earth homes include that the walls help people breathe easier as rammed earth provides good indoor air quality. Rammed earth eco building designs also offer peace and quiet as rammed earth homes are insulated and have sound proof capabilities. Rammed earth homes also offer a sense of security as they are constructed out of durable building materials. The good indoor air quality is a good health benefit of these green building designs. Many people choose rammed earth homes specifically for their superior indoor air quality that is provided by their eco-friendly design. Rammed earth homes can use up to 75 percent less energy than a standard type of home build, therefore saving you money. Rammed earth eco building designs are low maintenance. You can feel safe living in a rammed earth home as Solum rammed earth homes are engineered to withstand earthquakes. These sustainable buildings are also fire resistant so you can sleep easier and have peace of mind knowing that your family is safe. Like wood stabilized rammed earth homes provide thermal mass benefits of keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Another benefit of rammed earth homes is that mold is not an issue, as mold requires organic material to thrive and rammed earth walls are inorganic.

This eco building is just one of the sustainable buildings you will find on the Solum Rammed Earth site. Solum Rammed Earth Builders is a leading company who builds environmental wall systems and related design services. They are located in the Okanagan Valley in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. They have been in business for over ten years and provide services to residential, municipal, and commercial clients through Canada and the United States. This rammed earth building company offer amazing design flexibility and can help bring your home dreams to life. **

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