This is how to clean a burnt pot easily without any scrubbing

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Have you ever gotten food burnt to the bottom of a pan? If you have, you know how difficult it can be to clean up after. All of the burned on food clings to the bottom, and you could even risk scratching the pan. There are cleaning solutions you can buy specifically to clean your pans up really well, but why not try something that you may already have at home. If you have dryer sheets at home, then you can try this simple life hack from Justine at The Typical Mom. Justine shares a bunch of great cleaning tips, and simple life hacks like this one, to help make our lives easier. So you don't have to scrub away at your pans ever again, just grab a dryer sheet and try this cleaning tip out. All you need to do is grab a dryer sheet and place a couple at the bottom of your pan or baking dish. Then fill up the pan with some hot water and allow the pan to soak overnight so the dryer sheets can work their magic. You will see that in the morning, the stuck on food will come off of the pans so much easier than it did the day before. The hot water and the fabric softener on the dryer sheets will loosen the grime and burnt food, and by the next day, you'll see that it will be much easier to scrub off with a scrubbing pad.

It's great when you can find household items that serve other purposes than just the one they are made to do. You can actually use dryer sheets for more than just reducing static cling as your clothes dry. You can use them for even more simple life hacks than just getting burnt on food off of your pans. You can also use them to keep mice out of your drawers and storage areas. Just lay out a few dryer sheets wherever you think mice might be attracted to and they will keep the little critters away as well as keep your storage areas smelling fresh and clean. You can also put dryer sheets in shoes to keep them smelling fresher, as well as in your suitcase to keep your clothing from smelling. Dryer sheets also work wonders when you're dusting your home. You can swipe a dryer sheet along your baseboards to pull up the dust and then it will leave behind a light residue that will help keep more dust from settling on your baseboards. You can also use them in the same way on blinds that have gathered dust.

If you have stainless steel pans for stove top use, you can clean them easily too. One of the best cleaning tips for cleaning pans with burnt food on them is to pour some cold water into the pan right away and then put the pan back on the burner and turn it on high to boil. Allow the water to boil for a few minutes which will loosen the burnt on food and make it easier for cleaning. You can also add some baking soda to the water, or even some lemon juice which will help to lift the food from the pan as well. When you're scraping burnt on food from your pans, you should also try not to scrub it with anything that's too abrasive since you could scratch the pan which will leave space for bacteria to build up. You can use a wooden spoon or scraper to scrape your pans safely and effectively. Try out these simple life hacks and cleaning tips and see how they work for you.***

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