This is just the CUTEST little tiny home on wheels.

Photo Credit: Designer Eco Tiny Homes

Looking for some tiny house design inspiration? This is the Graduate Series 6000DL from Designer Eco Tiny Homes. IF you've been dreaming about building or buying a tiny house of your own, it's a good idea to start looking at different tiny house designs to see what your preferences are. You'll also want to figure out what size of tiny house you want to live in or have as an accessory dwelling unit, or as a camping cabin. Usually, the larger tiny houses are built by those who want to live in their tiny house full-time or those who have kids living with them. They aren't as easy to move around so they will usually stay parked for a while on a piece of land while they are lived in. The smaller tiny houses are usually prefered by those who move around a lot or those who want to use their tiny house as a travel trailer. They tend to be much easier to tow, and some of them are very light meaning that you could tow them easily with any capable vehicle.

This particular tiny house on wheels would be perfect for full-time small house living or mobile living since it's somewhere in the middle. The tiny house design measures about 20 feet long and even features a lovely front porch built onto the home. The exterior is done with Western Red Cedar and Bevelled Sheet Metal Corrugated siding which gives it a natural yet modern look. They included double glazed windows with screens to allow natural light and fresh air into the home and to expand the space within the home to the outside world. Inside the home is a beautiful modern kitchen with a cooktop, fridge, oven, sink, and a range hood. They installed white cabinets with butcher block countertops for a modern and natural look once again. The cabinets in the kitchen provide a lot of great storage space where items can be tucked away out of sight for an organized home. Right beside the kitchen is the living room area with a built-in bench seat for lounging and a table in front of a window for dining or working. The smaller loft is above this area and acts as a storage space which is great when there are just two people living in the home.

On the other side of the tiny house on the main floor is the bathroom which includes a flush toilet, a shower, and vanity unit with a sink and a mirror cabinet. This bathroom would require septic, but if you were off-grid, you could always install a composting toilet. Above the bathroom and the kitchen is the lovely sleeping loft which is nice and spacious with a skylight above the bed and plenty of windows to fill the room with light and to make it feel more spacious and less cramped. There is plenty of storage in the staircase leading up to the loft as well which is always a great idea for a tiny house design. They installed LED lighting and ceiling fan as well as a hybrid solar power system. There's also a cute woodburning stove to heat the home which always creates such a beautiful ambience. Each of these units can be designed to suit your small house living needs and this model costs around $72,300 US. Check out all of the photos and the video tour of this tiny house design and see if you could imagine living in one of these beautiful tiny houses yourself. If you really like this design you can also get in touch with the company to start designing your own.***

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