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You'll want to take a look at this excellent do it yourself home project that will help you if you are ever in a situation without electricity, and you need to store food long-term. This diy is to build your pot-in-pot fridge, using basic terracotta pots, some sand and water. This is a simple project to do that won't cost you a lot of money but is the perfect solution to food storage when needed. This is a diy idea that is now being used by many farmers in warmer climates who need to preserve their food for longer periods of time and keep the insects away. For this diy, it is important to remember to keep the sand moist all the time which enables the evaporation to cool the produce kept inside the inner pot. This diy enables the storage of fresh vegetables to last much longer than usual in a warm climate. It is also a great diy for using at a picnic or an outdoor meal where there is no electricity outside, but the food or drinks need to be kept cool. You will want to take a look at the wikiHow site for the full step by step tutorial on this easy do it yourself home project. The following are just some of the steps in this diy to get you started.

You will want to prepare for this do it yourself home project by getting two large clay or terracotta pots. One of the clay pots must be smaller than the other clay or terracotta pot. For this diy make sure that the smaller clay pot fits inside of, the larger and that there is a bit of space around it of at least 1/2 inch, up to 1 1/4 inches. You will want to fill in any holes in the clay pots at the base of the pots. To fill any holes in the pots, you can use clay, cork, large pebbles, or a homemade paste. If you leave the holes in the pots open, the water will enter the inner pot and then will run out of the larger pot, which makes the fridge ineffective. You can use putty or duct tape to plug the hole. Fill the base of the larger clay pot with some coarse sand. Place the small pot into the large pot, then arrange its base flat on the top of the lower layer of sand. For this do it yourself home project you want to make sure that all around the small pot is filled with sand. For the full step by step instructions for this diy idea, you will want to take a look at the WikiHow site.

This project to do is just one of the diy ideas you can use terracotta pots for. The best thing about terra cotta pots is that if you happen to break one, you can still recycle it into a new DIY project to do. Turn it on its side. If one of your terra cotta pots get a partial break, you might consider turning the pot on its side to create an interesting look in your garden. If you have a yard to garden in, you can create nice compositions using the garden or yard to plant in and using your terra cotta pot to create a nice cover. Use for drainage. If your terracotta pots are broken up, use those small pieces as drainage in the bottom of new terra cotta pots to help keep your plants happy and healthy.

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