This is the Cute and Cozy Three Bear Cottage with a Mountain View

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When life gets busy, recharge your batteries by staying in a log cabin. This is the cute and cozy Three Bear Cottage with a mountain view that shows just how relaxing wood cabins can be. If you love log cabin designs, but don't have the money to afford to live in own or own one to use for vacations, staying in bed and breakfast wood cabins is a great idea. This way, you can travel to different places and experience different locations around the globe, instead of going to the same log cabin time after time. While owning a log cabin can be very rewarding, it can also be very costly. There are small log home kits which you can build yourself, but the costs still add up and to save money, you do a lot of the work yourself. These small log home kits need to be maintained after they are built too which can cost you extra every year. But many people prefer visiting a familiar place and to have a home away from home so for these people small log home kits would be perfect for building wood cabins for vacation purposes. There could even be an option to rent the log cabin out when it's not in use by the owners.

This particular vacation wood cabin is located just outside of Whitefish, Montana. The owner of the Three Bear Cottage is Maria Wagner who has been renting out the cottage since 2009. When it comes to log cabin designs, this one is a beauty. The peaked roof and high cathedral ceilings offer so much space within the house, and all of the large windows bring in a great amount of natural light and spectacular mountain views. Wood cabins like this one are quite the luxury option with two bedrooms and plenty of communal space to share.

Having a large, fully equipped kitchen like the one in the Three Bear Cottage is definitely a must for longer stays. Guests can cook their own meals and enjoy eating them at the large dining room table or out on the patio. There's even a fire pit to enjoy a nice starlit bon fire with friends and family. The cabin is located close to the city, and it's also close to the ski hill and the lake. So it's perfect for any season. Some wood cabins are only equipped for the summer months making it hard to find an option for winter vacations.

The construction of wood cabins is highly sought after because people enjoy a natural environment. When our homes and vacation rentals are made out of natural materials, we tend to be happier and healthier because of it. Studies are being done that show a correlation between health and wellbeing and the materials our living environments are made of. A home made of human-made materials, for instance, may contain many harmful chemicals that do not have positive effects on the body. Wood cabins on the other hand, since they are made out of all natural materials, are much better for our health and wellbeing.

They actually have many positive effects on the human body including cleaner air and a comfortable ambiance that promotes relaxation and stress relief. Logs give off the same ambiance and energy as trees in a forest would and we all know how relaxing spending some time in a forest can be. The Japanese actually promote "forest bathing" as a leisure activity to come back into balance with one's self. So whether you choose to own a log cabin, or just rent one out, just know that you're making a great choice for your health and wellbeing.***

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