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The Mari A log home kit looks like the perfect mountain cabin like something out of a postcard. This charming little log cabin kit is just small enough that the cabin doesn't need to have a building permit in most municipalities. Therefore it is the idea living space extension for your back yard: As a studio, bunk house for guests, a playroom for your kids or a party room. The optional covered porch provides a nice protected outdoor space and adds to the charming look of the cabin.

The Mari A log home kits for sale are 100 square feet in size and have a roof overhang at the front of the cabin which is nice to keep you dry or offer some shade on sunny days. Included in the log home kit are the doors and windows with one double door and one single pane windows, the floor boards, wall logs, and roof boards. This log home kit with 1 5/8 inch log walls sells for $3,500 USD. You can also choose to add the beautiful front porch with floor and ceiling for 1 5/8 inch log walls for $680 USD. Prices do not include tax or shipping.

The Ecolog log cabin homes kits are custom designed log homes, which are designed individually for each customer. To simplify the overall pricing and delivery of these log home kits, the company has created a standard log home kit which describes what each kit includes. These log home kits for sale contain all of the building materials for the shell of the log home cottage, log cabin or residential log home. The most affordable wood option for the log home kits is Hemlock, which is often overlooked by builders. Hemlock has a century-old tradition of timber frame construction and log home construction. Hemlock is an inexpensive option that is durable and insect resistant. Douglas Fir is another option that you can choose for your log home kit. Douglas fir is wood that is known for its strength, stiffness, and lasting durability. The color of Douglas fir ranges from light yellow to a reddish brown, which can often make for some interesting looking color bands. Douglas Fir is wood that dries evenly, remains straight and checks little while it was is drying.

The Mari A is just one of the log home kits you will find on the Van Isle Ecolog Homes site. This log home company supplies custom log home kits and prefabricated EZLog cabins and cottage log kits to customers throughout Canada. You will find a variety of log home kits for sale on their site. Their log cabin home kits can be found on Vancouver Island and throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. The square timber wall logs and the plain box-joint corners that come in the log home kits are what makes the EcoLog Homes so easy to build and maintain. The end product is a log cabin kit that is both rustic and charming and a design that you will be proud at affordable prices. **

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