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The Ano Ano is a tiny house design that closely resembles the Paniola unique small house plan on the Habitats Hawaii site. The name Ano Ano comes from a book written by author Kristin Zambucka. These collective works remind men and women alike of their oneness with nature. The book by Zambucka is called the Keepers of the Sacred Earth. Ano Ano translates into the seed. This tiny house design is a good size at 20 feet by 9 feet. The style of the unique small house plan is a classic island home with beautiful bamboo floors and kitchen cabinets. The Ano Ano tiny house design was built with a ladder to access the upper loft. The unique small house plan is a fully equipped, wired, and plumbed tiny house design. The owner of the Ano Ano tiny house design decided that she wanted to live in Kamuela, so, the Ano Ano is where she lives. This spacious tiny house design has a sleeping loft, a higher end SunMar composting toilet and an interior custom designed furo. The Ano Ano also has a Japanese bath, which is a style of bathtub which originated as a short, steep-sided wooden bathtub. Baths of this style are found all over Japan in houses, in apartments and traditional Japanese inns also known as ryokans. There is also an outdoor shower at the Ano Ano which can be landscaped however the owner likes, once the tiny house design is set in place. The Ano Ano unique small house plan has a covered lanai which effectively doubles the living space. The price for Ano Ano tiny house design is approximately $65,000 depending upon the custom finishes chosen.

You will find this tiny house design on the Habitats Hawaii site. These tiny houses on wheels give you the flexibility to plant the seed, by blending both the indoors and outdoors wherever you choose. With a negligible carbon footprint, these tiny house designs are built to satisfy all the necessities you need in a self-contained, functional living space. And one of the things to remember is that the outdoor dimensions to include arbors, plants, stones and water are just a few of the ways you can harmonize your Habitat and tiny house design with its natural environment. Each feature of Habitats tiny house designs is tailored to the idea of living lightly on the earth. All the unique small house plan models are solar-ready and wired for 110 volts, along with metal-roof gutters to help capture rain water. The tiny house design foundation’s steel chassis with wheels allows you to move the tiny house design to beautiful surroundings, which you can then take in from the platform or outside deck. You might enhance this tiny house design with fruits, vegetables, and aquaponic systems that represent only a few of the additions for making your tiny house design more complete. You'll want to take a closer look at these tiny houses on wheels and see for yourself.

The Ano Ano is just one of the unique small house plans you might consider for small house living. Imagine owning your own home for less than $100,000. This might allow you to own your tiny house design outright, which can take away a lot of your stress about paying the mortgage every month. A tiny house design is a great way to start living the life of your dreams, travelling more, pursuing hobbies and passions and saving money.

You will find the Ano Ano tiny house design on the Habitats Hawaii site. On the site, you will find tiny house designs, unique small house plans, small house living and more. **

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