This Octagon Tiny House Is Inspiring In and Out

Photo Credit: The Tiny Life

You don't have to look much further than the internet for inspiration these days! This Octagon Tiny House Is Inspiring In and Out! The awesome yurt type cabin is in Maui, Hawaii, and is one of the guest rooms at the Aromatherapy Foundation of Maui. The cabin is not a true yurt, because it is built with an actual wood skeleton, rather than the lattice type, collapsible frame as a traditional yurt would have. Also, a traditional yurt has a roof covering, and this cottage has a full on normal roof with shingles. So this guest room is designed to have the layout of a yurt, in yurt style, but is not totally a traditional yurt.

The octagon house is super inspiring none the less! I love that it is more of a permanent structure than a yurt, since yurts are meant to be for more nomadic purposes or for a quick set up structure that is affordable, but not the most durable over time. The guest cabin, is intended to suit 2 people, and has a lovely bedroom area, which is the centre of the octagon tiny house, and then a great bathroom, that is perfect, with the large glass window looking out into the great outdoors.

There is even a kitchen with a gas range, a mini fridge and a sink, so that you can prepare meals while staying there. And in Maui, there is no shortage of fresh fruits too, so you could prepare endless fruit salads and treats to your heart's content! This would be such a lovely place to stay that would inspire, relax and rejuvenate you from the inside out! Do you think you could live in a structure this small though? Would you have enough room to live in permanently? Head over to 'The Tiny Life' by following the link in the section below for photos and more about this octagon tiny house!

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