This pallet wood working projects is even easier than it looks!

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If you love gardening but can't handle kneeling down all the time or bending over a lot, then this is one of the diy ideas you'll want to see. Building with pallets isn't always the easiest, but this pallet woodworking project is even easier than it looks. Build your very own raised planters out of shipping pallets. Most pallet projects require you to take apart the pallet to use the wood, and this one is no different, so make sure you have some good gloves and a crow or pry bar. Also, make sure for any diy pallet projects, that you use pallets that have an HT stamp on them. This means that they are heat treated, but make sure you don't use pallets that have an MB stamped on them which means they have methyl bromide on them which won't be good for plants. Look for newer pallets for pallet projects, as they will be easier to pry apart and the wood won't crack as easily as the old, dried out ones.

1. The first step is to take apart the pallet. Use the pry bar and a mallet or hammer to carefully pry each board from the pallet as a whole.

2. To build the legs of the planter, use the 2 by 4's from the pallet and cut them to 3 feet making sure they are square. Put together pairs of the cut wood to make the legs. You will have 6 legs in total, three on each side of the planter.

3. Attach two thinner pieces of wood to the legs placing one leg in the center and the others on each end.

4. Now, create your angled sides and supports. Cut a 2 by 4 in half, and put a 45 degree angle on each of them. Repeat two more times for a total of 6 pieces. Attach these to the middle and the ends on the inside of the legs. Attach a smaller piece of wood at the bottom of the angled pieces to be attached to the supports.

5. Create the supports by adding two 2 by 4's to the legs right under the angled pieces. You have to cut a little notch into the wood, so they fit snugly around the legs of the planter. Then, attach the bottom piece to the support beams. Do step 4 and 5 for all sets of legs.

6. You can then start building the actual planter trough by screwing or nailing the first center board in place right by the bottom of the angled pieces. Work your way up the sides of the planter nailing or screwing the boards into place leaving a bit of space between each board.

7. Add your end pieces to cap off the planter box by using the scrap pieces and holding them up to the ends of the planter. Mark where you need to cut and cut the pieces before you nail them into place onto the ends of the planter.

8. Line the inside of the planter with a gardening liner that is 1/16th thick and staple it in place using a heavy duty staple gun.

9. You can also add some rubber feet or caps on the bottom of the legs, so they don't sit in water and get damaged.

10. Add in some gravel or river rock for drainage and then add in your fresh soil. It's best to use soil that won't have any weeds or other plant seeds in it.

Enjoy planting whatever your heart desires in this raised planter. Flowers and vegetables that don't have a long root should do very well in these. Follow the link to the Instructable for details and photos:

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