This Picturesque Log Cabin Is Perfect for a Lake Lot and starts at 21,000 . . .

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When it comes to handcrafted log home builders, the Amish have a reputation for building some of the most beautiful log cabins you will find. The deluxe Boone log house kit is a good example of quality craftsmanship in a log cabin that is great for the lake, as hunting cabins, guest house and so much more. The Boone log house has a 6 foot by 8-foot corner porch and an eight-foot loft above. The cabin has an eight-foot kitchenette with upper and lower cabinets, a sink, and room for appliances. In the Boone bedroom, you can access the closet and the back of the shower for easy plumbing access. The bathroom has a toilet, vanity, a sink, mirror, and shower. The plumbing for the Boone log house is not included or available. The electric package for the log house includes wiring, fixtures, smoke alarms, a breaker box and a ceiling fan. However, the customer is responsible for any hook up for electric. The Boone log house is insulated with their hybrid wall system that uses reflective foam insulation. The tongue and groove pine interior wall in the log house kit should have at least one coat of polyurethane applied within four to five months after receiving the log cabin to protect the wood from stains and darkening that happens over time.

Pricing for the Boone log house start at 21,500 for the 392 square foot insulated unassembled kit and go up to $46,200 for the 560 square foot prebuilt deluxe finished cabin. The price for the Boone log house includes the six by an eight-foot porch with railing; six Rogers insulated windows, a solid pine entry door with insulated glass, a 200 amp electric package, two non-functional dormers, an eight-foot kitchenette and a loft with railing, ladder, and loft window. The log house price also includes the insulation package, the bedroom, closet, the bathroom with fixtures, an insulated metal roof, and exterior stain.

The Amish log house builders offer a quality log house build that you will love. Their log house designs use energy star double pane insulated tempered windows that come with a lifetime warranty. The metal roof has a 40-year warranty. No nails are used anywhere in the cabin, only screws are used throughout. By purchasing a quality log house construction, you know your log cabin will last for decades. All of their log house designs are handcrafted by the Amish in Kentucky, where they are known for their amazing craftsmanship and attention to quality and detail. The log cabins and log house kits are built in an off-grid custom Amish facility that is located on an Amish farm. The Amish facility has radiant in-floor heating that is fired by an outdoor woodburning stove, and CNC machines and other production machinery that is powered by on-site diesel generator. Each of their log cabin models have architect drawings, showing load ratings for the floors and roof.

The Boone handcrafted log house is just one of the log house designs you will find on the Amish Cabin Company site. You will want to take a look at these quality handcrafted log houses available in a wide variety of options to choose from. **

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