This pretzel dough recipe can rival any pretzel factory !

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Great pretzel dough recipes are not always easy to come by. This recipe uses a method of how to make pretzel dough in a bread machine, which we love! If you have ever been in a pretzel factory you will know what a thing of beauty it is to watch the pretzel dough being shaped into its current and plentiful states. Thank you to Kathi at ‘Deliciously Yum’ recipe blog for sharing this quick and fool proof Caramel Pretzel with Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce recipe with us. Kathi lives and dreams about food. She ‘can’t eat enough chocolate and is obsessed with sprinkles.’ All of her recipes are simple, delicious combinations that are made with fresh ingredients. The Caramel Pretzel with Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce recipe sounds like a scrumptious treat for any occasion. Anytime you here the word caramel, you know it’s going to be delightful. This pretzel bite recipe has caramel melted into the dough and is complimented perfectly with a cream cheese dipping sounds.

When you hear the word homemade pretzel, you may feel a bit hesitant since it can be daunting to follow a pretzel dough recipe. A lot of pretzel recipes can be quite complex. Many people shy away from recipes that have to do with making your own dough. They would rather eat a pretzel made in a pretzel factory than their own kitchen. What we love about this one is that it’s super easy to make and still holds true to that salty, savoury pretzel taste. One of the steps in this dessert recipe that makes it much simpler than most is the use of a bread machine. Though, we're sure you can knead the dough on your own, the bread machine makes the overall recipe a lot easier of a process and saves a ton of time (plus, if things go wrong you have something to blame). It’s just a matter of adding the ingredients, sticking it in the bread machine, making them into little balls and popping them into the oven.

The pretzel bite recipe itself contains very few ingredients, which makes it hard to make any substitutions to improve the overall nutrition of the recipe. One ingredient that should be recognized is Kathi’s use of unsalted butter. Using unsalted butter significantly reduces the overall sodium intake in the recipe, making it a much healthier option. Another healthy adjustment that you can make is to the caramel. Instead of using traditional caramel opt for vegan caramel. This has a very similar taste, without a lot of the added sugars and fat. Another recommendation for adding a healthier spin onto this yummy pretzel recipe is by adjusting a few ingredients in the Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce. Instead of using confectioners’ sugar try using a sweetener, such as Stevia. You can also add a healthy kick to the cream cheese by using the reduced or non-fat kind.

Remember, an essential ingredient in making this yummy pretzel recipe is the salty flavour on top, without that flavour, it'll just taste like you're eating bread with caramel in it (still sounds delicious). So make sure not to forget to add sea salt on top after your bites are nice and golden brown. Did you know that sea-salt is very nutritious? It contains essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc! That doesn't mean dump the whole bottle in every recipe you make, but it is a much better alternative than your average table salt. Deliciously Yum food blog has thrown away those pretzel fears and created a simple, savoury dessert recipe that is sure to be the hit at any event, so you can kiss your favorite pretzel factory goodbye and welcome the pretzel dough recipe into your own kitchen. *

Nutrition Facts for: This pretzel dough recipe can rival any pretzel factory! From Deliciously Yum
Ingredients: All-purpose flour, brown sugar, active dry yeast, salt, caramel, baking soda, unsalted butter, sea salt, cream cheese, confectioners' sugar, milk.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 384, Calories from Fat 76, Total Fat 8.4g 13%, Saturated Fat 5.1g 26%, Cholesterol 24mg 8%, Sodium 2175mg 91%, Potassium 124mg 4%, Carbohydrates 71.9g 24%, Dietary Fiber 1.8g 7%, Sugars 8.4g, Protein 6.9g, Vitamin A 6%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 5%, Iron 14%

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