This Rancher Style Pan-Abode is a breeze to assemble

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The Gabriola wood cabin is a spacious two bedroom premium wood cabin vacation home that features plenty of windows and a classic T shape that lends itself to panoramic views from surrounding decks. The Gabriola wood cabin is built using low maintenance Western Red Cedar, which means you Low maintenance Western Red Cedar means you'll have time for more relaxing while you’re enjoying your vacation retreat. The Gabriola wood cabin is 990 square feet.

Pan-Abode home designs are crafted exclusively from Western Red Cedar. This species of wood is remarkable and native only to the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. Western Red Cedar has been a highly revered wood for hundreds of years. Western Red Cedar is a durable wood that not only has a distinctively appealing smell, but it is also naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks. This means that Western Red Cedar will last longer and require less maintenance in the long run. Western Red Cedar is a wood that contains an abundance of natural preservatives that are toxic to many of the wood-rotting fungi, which makes it impervious to bot weather and pestilence. These innate characteristics make Western Red Cedar ideal for any climate, as mildew and insect infestations are easily prevented without having to introduce man-made preservatives. Western Red Cedar is one of the best thermal insulators that you will find among softwood species used today. This is because Western Red Cedar is an exceptionally light wood that has a very low density, and contains a high proportion of air-filled cell cavities that act as extremely effective insulating units. As all of the Pan-Abode home designs are made from 100 percent Western Red Cedar, the wood cabins are cool in the summer while reducing your heating costs in the winter. Like all woods, Western Red Cedar absorbs and discharges any moisture to help maintain equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. However, Western Red Cedar has a saturation point that is much lower than most other North American softwoods. This helps to ensure the wood does not shrink, warp, swell, twist or checks excessively, even when the wood is subjected to changing temperatures or moisture.

Thermal mass is another benefit to wood cabin home designs. Thermal mass is the ability of building material to absorb and to store heat energy, which helps with stabilization against temperature fluctuations. You can look at the solid cedar walls of the Pan-Abode’s wood cabins having rechargeable thermal batteries, soaking up the thermal energy while your wood cabin is being heated and slowly releasing the energy back into the living area when the temperature drops. While any solid, liquid, or gas will possess some sort of thermal mass, Pan-Abode’s 4 inches by 6 inch Western Red Cedar logs uniquely combine thermal mass with a natural resistance to thermal conductivity. The result is that the logs they use can provide energy efficiency that meets or exceeds the performance of conventionally framed structures with R-20 insulated walls. You won’t find a home that’s easier to assemble. Pan-Abodes are a breeze to assemble. You can choose to build your wood cabin kit yourself or hire a local builder. Builders and owners of Pan Adobe wood cabins love the detailed construction manual and the drawings supplied with each home design. Western Red Cedar logs are light and easy to handle, and their log coding system tags each of the logs to show the order of placement which eliminates waste and confusion.

You will find this stunning wood cabin and off-grid house on the Pan-Abode site. On the site, you will find a wide variety of wood cabins to choose from. **

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