This Serenity Log Cabin Kit Offers Indoor and Outdoor Space

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Take a look at this charming prefab log cabin kit. This 14 foot by 20-foot log cabin package has everything you need for cabin building this 280 square foot design. The Serenity prefab log cabin kit has a private bedroom, a living area, and bathroom. It's a nice size for someone considering a vacation home for a place to get away and enjoy some rest away. Inside this compact cabin building design, there is a sink and the water heater in the bedroom, with the shower and toilet in the bathroom. There is also an optional kitchenette available if you choose. You could use this tiny cabin building for when guests come to stay, there is plenty of room for a comfortable stay, and the covered front porch is a nice spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book. This log cabin package is a real value with prices for this prefab log cabin kit starting at $21,900. Beds and mattresses for this cabin building are included, all other accessories are optional.

All of these prefab log cabin kits are designed to be very easy to assemble, however, if you like, Conestoga Log Cabins does have experienced construction teams who are available to perform the work. As for staining your prefab log cabin kit and different weather protectants, these are not included in the price of your prefab log cabin kit.

This log cabin company also has log furniture options that you can choose from to complete the interior of your log cabin building. Log furniture always looks good in a log cabin building design; the two go perfectly together to make your log cabin kit feel comfortable. Log furniture is a style and type of furniture that makes use of whole logs and branches in its design. Log furniture is often very durable and long lasting, depending on the construction methods used. Wood furniture, other types of rustic furniture and reclaimed wood furniture have all increased in popularity over the years. As a result, you will find many more styles of wood furniture and decor available for people wanting to furnish their prefab log cabin kits, mountain cabins, country log houses or log cabin kits. You will find other more inexpensive lines of log wood furniture that are usually milled by machine and then massed produced, so they will not be as strong as some of the designs that are handcrafted by artisans. Using log wood furniture only further adds to the appeal of your log cabin kit.

This is just one of the prefab log cabin kits available with Conestoga Log Cabins. The company offers a wide variety of small log cabin kits and small house cottage plans. If you are looking for a cabin building that is a bit larger, you might consider the Outdoorsman, the Boulder Lodge or the Bear Creek log cabin kits. As with all of their log cabins, the Serenity Commercial log cabin package is completely customizable to suit the needs of your camping resort business. **

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