This Small Cabin Has Three Rooms Plus a Loft

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A small log cabin surrounded by nature is just the thing many people need to relax and destress. And this Timberline cabin kit for sale is an affordable option made of high-quality timber that can be enjoyed year-round. This lovely small log cabin can be used for a variety of uses from a gym, a pool house, a guest house, an artist's studio, fishing cabin and whatever your imagination can allow. This cabin kit is designed for a do-it-yourself assembly that can be built by two adults in a day or two depending on the size of the prefab log cabin kit model. You can either build this small log cabin kit yourself or hire someone else to do it for you; the choice is yours. The company will offer support either way. The good news about this small log cabin kit is that the timber for the kit comes from sustainable forests making it one of the most environmentally friendly log home kits you will find on the market. For every tree harvested at least five trees are replanted.

This charming prefab log cabin kit needs no interior finishing. The small log cabin kits are made from durable, dense grain, slowly grown Nordic Spruce. You have the option of adding a covered terrace if you'd like. With the Timberline prefab log cabin kit the floor and roof construction materials are included along with pre-hung and glazed door and window. All of the nails, screws, handles, door lock and fixings are also included. The Timberline prefab log cabin kit has three rooms inside and an upstairs loft which can be used for sleeping or as additional space. Downstairs you can have a washroom, a bedroom and an open dining and living area. The size of the Timberline small log cabin is 348 square feet and if you choose to add the optional covered terrace you would have an additional 129 square feet of space. The price for the Timberline prefab log cabin kit is $31,800.

This is just one of the small log cabins you might consider for use as a vacation home, guest home or additional space. A quality prefab log cabin kit such as the Timberline is an affordable option to make your dreams come true. Imagine having a vacation home where you and your family or friends could spend quality time away, close to nature a place where you could relax, go for hikes and make cherished memories. The Timberline small log cabin has just enough space where you could stay comfortably.

This prefab log cabin kit is just one of the small log cabins you will find on the BZB Cabin and Outdoors site. This company is a distributor of high-quality cabin kits for sale at affordable prices. The prefab log cabin kits are environmentally friendly products from sustainable forests. Some of the cabin kits for sale on the site include small log cabins, panel cabins, sheds, saunas, pavilions, barrel kits, camping pods, gazebos, car port and more. **

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