This Small Iron Fish Is Making A Big Difference In People's Life

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You may not believe how This Small Iron Fish Is Making A Big Difference In People's Life . . . but it’s true!

Many of us know about people in other parts of the world who suffer horrible malnutrition and hunger. We work hard to support and contribute what we can in order to make their lives better. And now, this little invention has brought an answer to the problem of iron deficiency to the people of Cambodia and the rest of the world, too.

The World Health Organization ranks deficiencies in iron, vitamin A, and zinc among the leading causes of deaths in developing countries with iron the worst problem of them all. Lack of iron causes severe problems. Iron forms the molecules that help oxygen move through your body. When you don’t have iron, you don’t have oxygen in your blood. That means you will be tired and exhausted most of the time. As well, in growing children, that means they are not getting enough oxygen rich blood to the brain and cognitive ability can be affected. So getting iron to the nearly 3.5 billion people who don’t get enough of it, is a serious challenge.

This little fish may change all of that, helping people to feel better and more energetic. That could help entire countries become more productive and so better able to participate fully in the world. It is small and relatively light considering that it is iron, and given away free to those who need it. Just one of these little fishes can provide up to 75 percent of the daily iron requirement for an entire family for up to five years. All they have to do is cook with it.

You can help by buying a fish for a family in need, or, for a reasonable amount, buying a whole school of fish. You can also purchase jewelry that supports providing fish to families in need.

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