This small log cabin has all that you need and has sleeping UP AND DOWNSTAIRS...see the floorplan

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Here's a beautiful log cabin design from Atrium Log Homes, a distributor of Honka Log Homes. Honka's log homes and cabins are built in the Nordic style using the finest Finnish wood. These homes are healthy and natural making them some of the most desirable homes in the world. They have a selection of log cabin designs including the more modern looking Scandinavian-style homes, traditional log homes and small log cabins. They also create buildings for commercial and public use as well. Small log cabins like this Elk Tine model give customers the option of a simple and modest log building. This size of cabin would be perfect for a recreational cabin to use for vacations and holidays. There are also those who want to live in a smaller log home of this size, keeping things very minimal. This design is also very attractive too with the welcoming front porch on the exterior and the exposed logs on the interior. Inside, there is a total of 853 square feet of space which is more than enough space for a small cabin. The cabin also features 2 bedrooms and one bathroom which would be great for a small family. The kids could share a room with bunk beds, and the parents could have a private room to themselves. The main bedroom is located on the main floor, and then there is a sleeping loft bedroom upstairs.

There is plenty of room in the living room for regular sized furniture, and the kitchen is connected to the living room in a way that makes the space feel larger. The dining area between the living room and kitchen provides just enough of a break to distinguish the two spaces, but it doesn't cut them off from each other allowing for ease of flow from one room to the next and easy conversation. The bathroom is located in close proximity to the living room as well as the bathroom too, and there's a mudroom when you enter into the home as well making for a great place to leave muddy shoes and coats. The lovely front porch is an asset to any home, but it's especially welcome on a smaller cabin like this one because it extends the living space to the outdoors. It would be wonderful to place a few chairs or even a bench out there to sit on and relax while taking in the surrounding sights and sounds.

These days, it's easier than ever to choose a log cabin design of your preference since there are so many great companies creating kits and building log houses. If you don't live close to Atrium Log Homes, you can find a Honka distributor closer to your area, or you can find a log home building company in your area instead. It's always great to look for inspiration when you're choosing the design for your own log house. This way you can meld all of your favourite things you've seen in other log house designs and make a design of your own. If you're getting a log cabin kit, the small log cabins are usually quite easy to assemble on your own with a little bit of help. Since all of the pieces are pre-cut and labelled, this makes the entire process much easier on your end of things. All you have to do is unpack the materials and follow the directions. Or, you can choose to have a contractor in your area build your log cabin package for you. Check out the Elk Tine and other beautiful log cabin designs on Atrium Log Homes for some ideas.***

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